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  • verb

Synonyms for agitate

Synonyms for agitate

to cause to move to and fro violently

Synonyms for agitate

try to stir up public opinion

exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person

move very slightly

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change the arrangement or position of

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The point is that the government never enters Molto Agitato as a subject of concern or preoccupation, whereas, for the other two opera houses under consideration, Whitehall (after the Labour Party victory in July 1945) and Moscow (before and after the Soviet years) are essential topics.
3 brought wonderful co-ordination and a wealth of delicious detail from the quartet, particularly in the variations of the angst-ridden Assai agitato.
From a bold first movement, through a searching poco adagio to the virtuoso final allegro agitato, this was a performance which had people on the edge of their seats.
7 much more quickly, with a Viennese lilt and lift, emphasizing its 3/4 time, providing perfect contrast to the next Prelude in F sharp minor, "molto agitato.
Da questi due film in poi, Bentivoglio sembra prediligere il ruolo del forty something intellettuale, tutto preso nei propri rovelli esistenziali, agitato da un'insopprimibile malinconia: di qui la recitazione sotto tono, fatta di frasi brevi ma precise, pronunciate con voce roca ma ben modulata, nel nome di un understatement mai esibito.
In Saeya-Saeya, there are three different tempo changes: Andante grazioso- Moderato ben portando- Allegretto agitato.
Felice si osserva ai piedi della scalinata, agitato da risate convulse alla vista del bastone che oscilla nel posteriore del collega.
The ensuing Allegro agitato was true to its word, the storms splendidly tempestuous.
Carberry will be on board Passion Des Bordes in the Prix Marise, and will ride Saint Rock Plage for Paul Green in the Prix Varaville before partnering Pouchki De Somoza in the Prix Agitato.
The cancellation of the excerpt leaves the two agitato segments introductory and transitional so that the "expansive and noble dolce melody" (p.
Silvestro is dismayed at the atrocities of the world, but not compelled to do anything about it: "Ero agitato da astratti furori, non nel sangue, ed ero quieto, non avevo voglia di nulla" (6).
The Resurrection of Eve: Poco allegretto / Eve Is Refused Admittance into Heaven: Agitato ma non troppo / Adam Charges Eve with the Original Sin: Allegro marcato / Adam's Story (a): Adam and Eve In Eden: Andante con moto / Adam's Story (b): Adam and Eve and the Benediction: Allegretto / Adam's Story (c): Eve and the Benefactor: Allegro moderato / Eve's Denial: Allegro ma non troppo / The Exorcising of the Evil One: Allegro molto / Eve's Story: Allegro moderato e marcato / The Beatification of Eve: Andante con moto.
One admired the confidence with which all the performers approached many unforgiving musical callisthenics in the score, in particular a frenetic agitato instrumental background, seemingly at odds with the quartet of singers giving their all on stage.
I understand Leo begins most nights in his cot but whenever he becomes agitato Mrs Blair imperiously decrees "bring him in".
The scherzo had an unexpected cut-and-paste insertion not in my score; Donohoe's presto agitato interestingly stuck within the bounds of dynamic propriety.