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  • verb

Synonyms for agitate

Synonyms for agitate

to cause to move to and fro violently

Synonyms for agitate

try to stir up public opinion

exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person

move very slightly

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change the arrangement or position of

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Carter's markings change from Marcato back to the opening Maestoso (the opening chords now a dark fanfare) to Agitato, and then to the chilling Leggeroe Ironico of the last line.
To frame this in terms of Beethoven's arrested sonata, Masha longs to proceed from the adagio sostenuto to the movements (also [much less than] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [much greater than] in musical terms) that come next: the allegretto and presto agitato. Moreover, it is her need to perform marital bliss publicly that comes to the fore with greatest urgency: "I loved him and saw that I was everything to him, but I wanted everyone to see our love; I wanted them to get in the way of my love for him and to love him all the same" (PSS 5: 111).
The first movement, appropriately marked "Allegro violento ed agitato," and the "Vivacissimo" second bring frenetic driving rhythms and jarring dissonances that could easily fluster a less mature group, but the WCMS showed discipline and complete control.
(24.) The poem's epigraph is also taken from the first canto of the epic, from the stanza in which the poet figures himself as a "peregrino errante, infra gli scogli, / e fra l'onde agitato e quasi absorto" (1.4.3-4).
Molto Agitato: The Mayhem Behind the Music of the Metropolitan Opera.
Conversely, the slow movement was stunning, with the contrast between calm and agitato achieved with aplomb.
(74) His swimming (unctos Tiberinis umeros lavit in undis, 7), riding (eques ipso melior Belleronphonte, 8) and his exceptional athletic ability in boxing (nequepugno .../ victus, 89) and running (neque segni pede victus, 9) would make him a natural huntsman (catus idem per apertum fugientis agitato grege cervos iaculari, 10-11), seeking challenges to hone his skill (celer arto latiantem / fruticeto excipere aprum, 11-12).
Music is translated in terms of emotion and physical sensation--'plaintive', trem(elo)so' (trembling), or, agitato' (agitated).
Bloch asserts that though a single unit, Israel Symphony falls in three sections: a slow introduction, Adagio Molto (Prayer of the Desert), is immediately followed by the Allegro Agitato (Yom Kippur) with a main theme of bold barbaric character.
Tempranica, then, responds in a Molto Agitato and Fortissimo, " Que por que te quiero?" leading to a soft but intense, " Ni lo se siquiera!"
Master Minded duly landed the Prix Agitato by 15 lengths, but his stopstart career continued in stuttering vein when he fell on his next start, won the Prix Maguelonne at cramped odds, then took another tumble at the open ditch on April 28.