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Synonyms for agitative

causing or tending to cause anger or resentment

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He said that the masses rejected the agitative tactic in politics because they wanted resolution of their issues through the democratic way which was a positive sign.
The action and the propaganda that leads to it can thus be divided into two categories: integration and integrative propaganda, and agitation and agitative propaganda, (2) The first primarily connotes the desired effect of making an audience passively accepting of the propagandists' direction and leadership.
Scores on the scale, therefore, range from 29 to 203, with the higher scores representing increased frequency or numerous types of agitative behavioural problems.
Some big media channels and great newspaper writers began before and after the ruling as usual, asking their silly agitative questions of: Who is or will be the winner?
In the arty spaces of today's entertainment culture, social heterogeneity and agitative political art are considered irritating-- disruptions of a safe distance from unexpected events.
Appropriating such elements of preexisting, politically suspect discourse into the community mythos may be something of a regressive move, when a more progressive -- perhaps less agitative one -- may be called for.