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Synonyms for agitation

Synonyms for agitation

the condition of being physically agitated

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

Synonyms for agitation

a state of agitation or turbulent change or development

the feeling of being agitated

disturbance usually in protest

the act of agitating something

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The artist did not fictionalize or even actively shape Rahime's story to make a didactic or agitational statement.
Down in the dumps after its worst-ever debacle in the 2014 general elections, where it reached its nadir to a mere 44 seats in the Lok Sabha, Congress senses a big opportunity for agitational politics after the NDA brought the land ordinance in December last year effecting key changes in the earlier bill.
Consequently this meant that Franz vigorously criticised a purely agitational form of art in which the aesthetic form was favoured at the expense of a socialist moral.
The public uproar it caused upon publication led to the passage of federal food safety legislation, having a greater impact as an agitational piece in terms of actual results than other forms of protest at that time.
The effect of osmotic pressure and agitational intensity on drug release has also been examined in this work.
In the early 1920s, Tret'iakov devoted his energies to agitational theater in Vsevolod Meyerhold's studio, producing fictional plays on themes "taken from reality" and--in the case of his last play, a collaboration with Sergei Eisenstein--performed onsite in a working factory.
These are by no-means politically 'right-on' ('The Sash' is an inflammatory sectarian favourite) but they are political, agitational, and have left an imprint in someone's life.
The collection being exhibited features both opulent examples of czarist Russian porcelain art, such as dinner service ensembles, elegant vases and sculptures that adorned the palace rooms and offices of Russian royalty, as well as avant garde and so-called agitational art works that proclaimed the country's revolutionary changes.
Finally, in the Conrad and Film section, Joseph Kestner draws on a wealth of resources to compare and analyze two film adaptations of "The Secret Sharer." And Patrick Fuery brings together Heart of Darkness, the Kantian sublime, and Terrance Malick's film, The Thin Red Line in "Agitational Ethics: Conrad, Malick, and the Sublime." Drawing on the work of Kant, Lacan, Slavoj Zizek, and Heidegger, he argues persuasively that Heart of Darkness and The Thin Red Line are both profound and disturbing meditations on the sublime.
In 1947, Ewan MacColl, left-wing playwright, committed Communist, and cofounder (with Joan Littlewood) of the highly influential British company Theatre Workshop, wrote a play entitled Operation Olive Branch, a work that was, by his own admission, "freely adapted from the Lysistrata of Aristophanes." (1) Intent on creating a working-class theatrical forum, this company was one of the most prolific, agitational, and artistically experimental groups in British theater history.
3 -- About 40 members of the Teachers and Staff Associations have taken to the agitational path for the last three days in protest against the extension given to Annamalai University Registrar M Rathinasabapathy and Engineering Dean R Palaniappan violating Government norms.
And Larsson could damage his popularity with fans if he goes down the Robbie Savage agitational route to try to get away, in spite of the board's tough stance.
But he warned that no political party during the campaign period will be allowed to engage in ''agitational politics'' because Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of history in which ''we can't afford destabilization.''
"I began making agitational works `about' the Vietnam War, collaging magazine images of the casualties and combatants of the war - usually by noted war photographers in mass market magazines - with magazine images that defined an idealized middle-class life at home," Rosler has said about the series.