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Synonyms for agitated

Synonyms for agitated

in a state of anxiety or uneasiness

Antonyms for agitated

troubled emotionally and usually deeply

physically disturbed or set in motion


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The clips varied from calmly standing at the goal line and waiting for the kick to agitatedly jumping, moving and trying to irritate the penalty taker.
One bystander, Kishor Kakkar, complained agitatedly that it took "half an hour for the police and railway authorities to reach the site and we had to pull out people and put them in taxis."
After five games he told coach Mark Hilton agitatedly that he could not breathe and, although he won the first set impressively, he was then ill off court.
Having told coach Mark Hilton agitatedly that he could not breathe in the early stages, Evans deployed his backhand brilliantly to break for 6-5 and served out the set confidently.
Neil said: "Some owners have described dogs barking agitatedly, staring intensely, trembling or pacing restlessly.
Since her substory was only a 'chapter,' it didn't have time to set up its dramatic premises, and its scenes had to be extra 'hyper' to keep viewers agitatedly watching on a daily basis.
Among his closest friends in the night he walks agitatedly up and down: "water boiling furiously in his stomach.
(85) However, she sustains her refusal as his character agitatedly follows her off-stage, using home sign repeatedly to try and engage her.
Grasping at his authentic Israeli roots leaves him irritated at the habits of what he agitatedly thinks of as core to the Jewish disposition for dissettlement, "a law of their nature, an instinct of eternal restlessness." This revelation's uncomfortable truth further spurs him toward an outright denial of self when later asked whether he could speak Hebrew.
The only witness was an 86-year-old roommate, Polly Schoneman, who was on the other side of the curtain and who agitatedly told nursing home staff members that she had heard noises that made her uncomfortable.
A Pakistani ironsmith said that he was carrying out some work in a building around 2pm when he spotted the accused moving agitatedly down an opposite building.
So as a group of activists were finishing their discussions with this writer in a local restaurant, an old lady who had been listening in, walked up rather agitatedly to say: "I hope the project moves ahead.
(One of the tutors walks agitatedly down the corridor.
We are still players short in pivotal positions and I just hope he hasn't blown the weekly shop buying fish, chips and curry sauce at the chippy (forwards) but forgetting he still needed to buy bread and milk (midfield) and toilet rolls (defence) is what I tapped, agitatedly into my phone.
I was coming home from the grocer when I noticed a working class man of around 50 striding down my street, looking around agitatedly and calling out as if he couldn't believe his eyes: "What's this?