agitated depression

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a state of clinical depression in which the person exhibits irritability and restlessness

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Other two patients had tremor and agitated depression or polyneuropathy
One patient had an acute psychotic episode due to ICU-related posttraumatic stress disorder, two had severe agitated depression and agoraphobia, and several had other "substantial" mental health challenges.
DR PARISER: He would meet most of the research diagnostic criteria for agitated depression, which does not exist in the DSM.
Toward a validation of a new definition of agitated depression as a bipolar mixed state (mixed depression).
If bipolar disorder is misdiagnosed as agitated depression, symptoms might worsen and antidepressant use could precipitate rapid cycling or a switch to mania.
She has also been told that she suffers from unipolar depression, agitated depression, anxiety and dissociative amnesia.
''Psychiatric distress and agitated depression are frequently noted early symptoms of the onset of the disease.''