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Synonyms for agism

discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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Agism and negative attitudes can influence the potential for healthy and active aging (Nelson, 2016; Rippon et al., 2014).
(Gattefosse) and "Stick It to the Stick: Insights and Advances in Lip Balm Structure and Testing Methodologies," Gary Agism (Pfizer Consumer Healthcare).
"Spiritual Resiliency and Aging" analyzes the spirits behind aging and how to better embrace it for life, facing down agism and encouraging spirituality as the core of their being and staying strong in soul no matter how much the body ages.
But when he added he would not support that view because he didn't condone "agism", Mr Kilfoyle hit back by saying: "I'm glad Joe is defending me - just like I defend him against those people who say he is incompetent."
Some intergenerational programs to diminish agism have been proposed in Taiwan but the effect of these interventions on changing the attitudes of young people have been inconsistent (Huang, 2006; Lin, 2000).
We won't tolerate agism, and we are determined to be in control of our own lives.