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in a nimble or agile manner


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With organisations globally facing challenges to evolve digitally and move agilely in today's competitive markets, CEOs are increasingly putting digital transformation and customer engagement at the top of their corporate agendas.
In reference to an EA Awards programme, Forrester describes entrants as helping their "organisation engage more agilely with their business and customer ecosystem," "guiding a business's digital transformation," and "engaging with product, marketing, sales and customer experience initiatives to accelerate results." Nevertheless, EA teams' acumen is often doubted partly because instead of evaluating emerging trends from a business standpoint, EA teams do so from a technology perspective.
In the course of its epic, borderline-exhausting storyline, Interstellar shifts agilely across topics in both science and science fiction--from botany/Earth science and astrophysics to time-travel and interdimensional theory.
For instance, he agilely analyzes correlative terminology in Paul's letters--for example, "Father" implies "Son" and vice versa.
The offering is targeted at businesses looking to leverage emerging technology trends such as video, mobility, social media and more "to evolve digitally and react agilely in today's increasingly competitive markets", he added.
For the "glide-insertion" launch mission, the launch vehicle is required to turn agilely; the atmosphere at the altitude where the first-stage rocket shuts off is relatively dense.
and the Force of the Future: active duty, guard, and civilian teamed together to produce a powerful force--acting agilely, in concert...
When they come out of the kiln, she agilely takes a hammer and strategically shatters the slabs.
(Ripe with voluptuous imagery, both films were shot by Josee Deshaies, the cinematographer for all of Bonello's work.) Crucial members of Saint Laurent's orbit--such as muses and models Betty Catroux (Aymeline Valade) and Loulou de la Falaise (Lea Seydoux)--make their first appearances at nightclubs, low-ceilinged pleasure domes that Bonello populates with scores of bodies agilely gyrating to expertly chosen Northern-soul nuggets.
Read the letter from Robert Fisher and you see how even at ninety-two, and forty years after he had left the school, his mind was still restlessly and agilely searching for new--even unorthodox--ways of improving the quality of instruction offered by the school.
"We want to be known as a global distributor and global production company, not based in one particular place in the world, but able to move rather agilely across the world, and working with the best creators, wherever they may be," says Maria Kyriacou, managing director of ITVSGE, which distributes ITV programs around the world.
This need not lessen the importance or scope of beneficiary care and, if agilely executed, could enhance the prestige and cachet of the beneficiary mission.
Moreover, the OCS technology with static and coarse switching granularity can neither agilely handle the bursty DCN traffic nor flexibly switch a traffic flow at a desired bandwidth/rate.
The AIB will posture INSCOM to more agilely provide and better sustain AISR support.
In conversation, he jumps agilely from subject to subject--some recurring topics are Socrates, Alejandro Jodorowsky's psychomagic and the dreadlocked California technology pundit Jaron Lanier--and speaks frequently of "short-circuiting his brain," or willfully thrusting himself into a novel environment that will force him to see the world through different eyes.