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in a nimble or agile manner


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Peter Charness, JDA's senior vice president, global marketing and chief product officer, will moderate a panel that will consider how the next wave of advanced generation capabilities, supported by new technology and industry standards, can enable every role in an organization to work together more agilely and efficiently.
Combining PowerPlay with PeopleSoft's applications offers customers the best of both worlds: the power to identify significant business trends and the flexibility to respond to them agilely.
By localizing product development and design for the Chinese market, Oki plans to dig out potential needs for its customers, agilely provide products that suit the Chinese market and provide technical support that will improve customer satisfaction.
The HP StorageWorks XP family and HP Nonstop servers are key components of HP's Business Continuity & Availability services designed to help organizations deal holistically and agilely with the major sources of operational business risk.
Kakaris, executive vice president, Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust, added, "When evaluating systems, back-office operations, and the needs of our investment and wealth management business, SunGard offered us not only the flexibility and stability of a large integrated technology company, but also the ability to efficiently and agilely support our growing business needs.
These experts will deliver insight into how SMM can empower retailers to more agilely manage merchandise throughout the product lifecycle by relying on a seamless flow of processes and systems.
Genpact Lean Digital tackles this complexity as it reframes the business outcome more effectively through design thinking, and then prioritizes and agilely executes with Lean principles that harnesses the power of new digital technologies into the often overlooked middle and back offices of large enterprises.
and the Force of the Future: active duty, guard, and civilian teamed together to produce a powerful force--acting agilely, in concert.
When they come out of the kiln, she agilely takes a hammer and strategically shatters the slabs.
This need not lessen the importance or scope of beneficiary care and, if agilely executed, could enhance the prestige and cachet of the beneficiary mission.
In conversation, he jumps agilely from subject to subject--some recurring topics are Socrates, Alejandro Jodorowsky's psychomagic and the dreadlocked California technology pundit Jaron Lanier--and speaks frequently of "short-circuiting his brain," or willfully thrusting himself into a novel environment that will force him to see the world through different eyes.
The AIB will posture INSCOM to more agilely provide and better sustain AISR support.
They move elegantly and agilely around the stage while singing eloquently, which can only be admired.
Such a firm could study the diversity of markets agilely and reacts much more quickly relative to its competitors [24].