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Synonyms for aghast

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Synonyms for aghast

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Synonyms for aghast

struck with fear, dread, or consternation

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Summary: I was aghast to see how the Egyptian passengers were taken off from a Romanian plane in Bucharest (Police 'violently' remove Arab family fro...
Singh further noted that he is deeply aghast by Rahul Gandhi's resignation but the negative cycle must be reversed before it gets too late.
I, for one, am aghast to notice that the 70th anniversary of the 1948 signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Genocide Conventions UNHR day went by without forceful action.
Supreme Court (SC) Associate Justice Teresita de Castro recalled during the House justice committee hearing how she was 'aghast' at the decision of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to reopen a Regional Court Administration Office (RCAO) without the en banc's consent in 2012.
Most everyone in Germany is aghast at the unheard of intervention in another country's election.
In a note to herself, Ms Coghlan wrote: "I'm completely aghast they are treating me like this.
Lloyd's aghast when the police later come knocking on his door after a call from Neil which paints Lloyd as the villain.
NINE MONTHS (Film4, Wednesday, 7.05pm) DESPITE being a child psychologist, Samuel isn't fond of kids - so he's aghast when his girlfriend announces she's pregnant.
British Basketball claimed UK Sport's system has a "bias" against team sports and that the decision will leave everyone involved in the sport "aghast".
Her lawyer, Andrew Gibb, told Stirling Sheriff Court she was "aghast" at the mistake.
"When I heard what he'd said I was aghast and also thought it was out of character for him to say that."
I shall report back with my findings but in the meantime I'm aghast as to how a combination of the Spicys, Jennifer Saunders and Judy Craymer (God-like Mamma Mia!
THE way women are treated in prisons will leave England and Wales "aghast and ashamed" in years to come, the Chief Inspector of Prisons said last night.
Aghast not at the fact that there is disagreement over a scheme for and against which the arguments have been well rehearsed.
Summary: Myleene Klass was said to be "aghast" and "bemused" after being warned by police for waving a knife at youths who entered her garden.