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it's just too much to start, that's what I'm sayin'," Benja said aggrievedly.
But it is Miriam, his "puritanical" daughter, who, in part because of her oedipal position, becomes aggrievedly the voice of the law because she so aggressively undermines its generational embodiment; it is she who "takes the technicalities seriously," and whose orthodoxy seems to arise out of an uncontrolled excess of not only "self-control" but of the control of other "selves" (FQ, 187).
Young to the Times, marked, aggrievedly, "Not accepted for Publication." Like most of these people she has only one idea in her head, but in her case it is a crude version of a complex of ideas which have a long and important history behind them.
His father was a minor railway official and his possessive and dominating mother, who was always aggrievedly conscious of having married beneath her, was the daughter of a well-to-do Oswestry alderman.
"Wassamatter?" said Bashie aggrievedly. "Can't I have bacon and eggs like the other boys?" Elgar gave a little gasp.