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"Then this is my fault again," said Luzhin, aggrieved.
Rosamond felt that she was aggrieved, and that this was what Lydgate had to recognize.
As I have told you my own aphorism I feel I ought in fairness to record that of this aggrieved servant.
The fox terrier rose reluctantly to his feet, shook himself and stood looking at the smoking fragment in an aggrieved manner.
"And I thought you a strong man," Aynesworth continued, aggrieved and contemptuous.
(DAN, AGGRIEVED:--"Well, I'd never heard of porpoises and it sounded like something that grew.
Some considerable time afterwards, at the end of a conversation of that aggrieved sort, he enlarged a little more by repeating: 'Yes!
So he did not understand the aggrieved attitude of the mate--or rather he understood it obscurely as a result of simple causes which did not seem to him adequate.
If to this be added the fact that, in consequence of the ex parte application of the spur, one side of the mare appeared to journey faster than the other; and that the aggrieved flank was resolutely indicated by unremitted flourishes of a bushy tail, we finish the picture of both horse and man.
Then, turning to Aegyptius, "Sir," said he, "it is I, as you will shortly learn, who have convened you, for it is I who am the most aggrieved. I have not got wind of any host approaching about which I would warn you, nor is there any matter of public moment on which I would speak.
Aggrieved members of the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, known as APGA Aggrieved Forum, who felt shortchanged by the party leadership in the 2019 party primary elections in Anambra state, has given governor Willie Obiano 9-days ultimatum to sack the National Chairman of the party, Chief Victor Oye, for his inability to delivered the party in the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly election, where the opposition party, the People Democratic Party PDP, won 90 per cent in the state including his, Oye council area, saying history would repeat itself come March 9 House of Assembly election, if the governor fails to yield to their warning.
He said the chief minister and ministers should come forward for supporting the aggrieved family.
Aggrieved marketers loyal to Alice are accusing Vice President Taylor of allegedly using armed officers to force their elected officials from office over claims of corruption at the LMA.But Mr.
However, Dar's counsel contended that the petition was not maintainable as the petitioner was not an aggrieved person.
MULTAN:The administration of Violence Against Women Centre (VAWC) is introducing shelter home to aggrieved women of South Punjab.District Officer Social Welfare Muhammad Ahmed Chishti stated that a few months back, Punjab government introduced VAWC at Mattital area, a suburban area of Multan, with an aim to curb crimes against women.