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Synonyms for aggressiveness

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Synonyms for aggressiveness

a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

a natural disposition to be hostile

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"We used a model known as the resident-intruder test, which induces aggressiveness in mice kept in isolation for several days," he added.
In our experiment, if we had tested 120 mg/kg on a group of mice, we might not have obtained any inhibition of the resident's aggressiveness at all," Guimaraes ( said.
"In particular, interleukin 6 may be used as a useful surrogate marker for tumour aggressiveness with an important prognostic value," they write.
Six hundred fifty nine records for gentleness, patience, aggressiveness and sensitivity, and five hundred thirty six reco-ds for frie nearness, were u se d for the st atisti cala nalysis (Table 2i.
The aims of this article are (1) to present quantitative research on CFMs' aggressiveness in their responses to global journalists based on textual materials from their press conferences from 1996 to 2016, (2) to identify the main factors influencing CFMs' aggressiveness, and (3) to investigate the trends in CFMs' aggressiveness from 1996 to 2016.
"The additional markers and indicators of aggressiveness should provide physicians more of the kind of incremental insights that they have been seeking to help decide the best approach to take in treating their patients," explained Jack E.
Whatever the system, what makes the difference in high-level football is the intensity you put into the games, the heart and the aggressiveness."
Learning can also mask some genetic potential for aggressiveness or other temperament problems.
"Aggressiveness might be a trait component of bipolarity and a diagnostic indicator of 'mixicity' in patients with a major depressive episode.
As we have seen, North Korea's siege mentality becomes geopolitical risk as it is transformed into externally directed aggressiveness to protect the system.
In this rhetorical climate, verbal aggressiveness became the weapon of choice over reasoned debate and skilled argumentation.
however, in case of any aggressiveness the nation would keep no stone
And while Cameron has praised the defender's enhanced "tenacity, aggressiveness and thought process", he believes the experience of the Black Cats' successful fight against relegation can only stand him in good stead for the future.
Abstract A firm is said to have a high degree of 'competitive aggressiveness' if it forcefully takes a large number and a large variety of actions to outperform its competitors in the marketplace.