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in an aggressive manner


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On the esthetic side the romantic traits are also present, though not so aggressively as in the previous period; with romantic vigor the Victorian literature often combines exquisite classical finish; indeed, it is so eclectic and composite that all the definite older terms take on new and less sharply contrasting meanings when applied to it.
"But I came all right, all right," continued the youngster, aggressively, "I can--hic--I can have my own way when I want it, by Harry--Freddie Jones is a hard man to handle when he gets goin'!
On those rare occasions when the little resolution that he possessed was roused in him, it invariably asserted itself -like the resolution of most other weak men -- aggressively. At such times, in proportion as he was outwardly sullen and discourteous to those about him, his resolution rose; and in proportion as he was considerate and polite, it fell.
all the soldiers who thus returned were either too old or too young; too aggressively Bonapartist, or too dissipated; in short, their several situations were out of keeping with the rank, fortune, and morals of Mademoiselle Cormon, who now grew daily more and more desperate.
But from a yet farther seat, partly concealed behind a dwarf tree golden with oranges, there rose and advanced towards the poet a person whose costume was the most aggressively opposite to his own.
Her figure was stout and sturdy, and her manner aggressively self-possessed.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 24 (ANI): Citing reports that "media persons were aggressively handled by the Srinagar police", the Congress on Saturday said that the party condemned the "draconian measures against the media".
He admitted acting in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, acting aggressively and making threats of violence towards his mother at an address on Ferrier Crescent, Aberdeen.
Summary: It is quite an alarming trend that youth are aggressively part of a risky gun culture prevailing in the United States.
When officers arrived at the scene, close to a parade of shops on the high street, the man began 'acting aggressively' towards them.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 19, 2019--Fed official says central bank could cut rates aggressively
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said it will make the European Securities and Market Authority's (ESMA) temporary restrictions on CFDs permanent following evidence that the highrisk product had been "aggressively marketed" to the public.
"Institutions and people are converting dollars into rupees after the rate of return on investment in rupee became attractive as the central bank aggressively increased the key interest rate by 150 basis points to a 91-month (eight-year) high at 12.25percent on May 20," a leading banker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told.
Inverness Sheriff Court heard that Aiden Macdonald of Oldtown Place, Inverness, behaved aggressively at the Miller Road flat on February 1 which had been rented by teenagers for the social gathering.
Robert McDonald, said to be of no fixed address, pleaded not guilty to behaving in a threatening manner at Castle Street and the Bruce Arms in Lochmaben at the weekend and acting aggressively towards the woman, as well as making derogatory remarks and threats of violence.