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Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

a disposition to behave aggressively

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a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked

the act of initiating hostilities

References in classic literature ?
Not a single Indian war has yet been occasioned by aggressions of the present federal government, feeble as it is; but there are several instances of Indian hostilities having been provoked by the improper conduct of individual States, who, either unable or unwilling to restrain or punish offenses, have given occasion to the slaughter of many innocent inhabitants.
The other, the East king, the king of blood-red sunrises, I represent to myself as a spare Southerner with clear-cut features, black-browed and dark-eyed, gray-robed, upright in sunshine, resting a smooth-shaven cheek in the palm of his hand, impenetrable, secret, full of wiles, fine-drawn, keen - meditating aggressions.
Laws in violation of private contracts, as they amount to aggressions on the rights of those States whose citizens are injured by them, may be considered as another probable source of hostility.
At one moment reclining sideways upon the mat, and leaning calmly upon his bended arm, he related circumstantially the aggressions of the French--their hostile visits to the surrounding bays, enumerating each one in succession--Happar, Puerka, Nukuheva, Tior,--and then starting to his feet and precipitating himself forward with clenched hands and a countenance distorted with passion, he poured out a tide of invectives.
Early in the sixth century, for example, they won at Mount Badon in the south a great victory, later connected in tradition with the legendary name of King Arthur, which for many years gave them security from further aggressions. But in the long run their racial defects proved fatal; they were unable to combine in permanent and steady union, and tribe by tribe the newcomers drove them slowly back; until early in the seventh century the Anglo-Saxons were in possession of nearly all of what is now England, the exceptions being the regions all along the west coast, including what has ever since been, known as Wales.
[18/May/2019] SANAA, May 18 (Saba) - The office of Information in the capital Sanaa and the Yemeni News Agency Saturday condemned the attack by the US-saudi aggression coalition Thursday on the building of Ministry of Information, the house of President of the Yemen Media Union Abdullah Sabri, as well as houses of citizens in the neighborhood of Rqas, which killed dozens of martyrs and wounded.
Baghdad, May 6 (Petra) -- Iraq on Monday condemned the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip and called on the United Nations to immediately intervene, spokesperson of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ahmad Sahaf said in a statement.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Sunday summoned Indian deputy High commissioner to Foreign Office to lodge a protest against Indian aggression. According to details, the FO warned the rival India against any misadventure.
The research published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that this 'spillover' of aggression towards children causes kids to exhibit greater fear during future incidents of inter-parental aggression, regardless of the severity of those future incidents, than children who do not experience this spillover effect.
PESHAWAR -- Like other parts of the country, scores of rallies on Thursday were staged in Peshawar to condemn Indian aggression and expressed solidarity with country's armed forces.
Interspecific aggression is common in birds; individuals regularly chase and attack members of other species.
Aggression in animals is mostly related to the territory protection, competition for resources like water, food, offspring and mating probabilities.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Violent video game play by adolescents is associated with increases in physical aggression over time, according to a Dartmouth meta-analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
Psychologists and other specialists from North America and Europe provide 22 chapters that review the development and treatment of aggression in childhood and adolescence.