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Synonyms for aggress

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Synonyms for aggress

take the initiative and go on the offensive

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In reality, the Union of Liberty is merely committed to the permissibility of rescuing any individuals who are being aggressed against in other societies.
Yemenis from the north who work in southern governorates have been repeatedly aggressed and intimidated, and some have been ordered to leave the shops they own there.
The Israeli military aggressed in order to aid settlers in performing religious rites on Salfit lands.
Although he patiently and persistently discourages what is a spontaneous personality cult growing around his name in the Arab world, it is not only modesty that seems to move him to redirect everyone's attention to the many anonymous heroes who defeated the enemy invaders, the martyrs and the aggressed survivors, but rather a lucid understanding of the importance of a strong unified front in war as well as in peace.Yet the truth validates the old truism by emerging squarely in the middle: It was undoubtedly the epic heroism of the resistance fighters that dealt the humiliating defeat to the Anglo-American-backed Zionist forces, but such heroism would not have been possible without the larger-than-life leader to inspire, direct and focus it.
"How can the Pope imply Muslims are the creators of terrorism while it is followers of Christianity who have aggressed against every country of the Islamic world?
"Bobo is a key player for us and the first time he was on the ground he was aggressed. He did not want to say what went on.
Even then, most women, like most men, lived either non-violently or within socially acceptable bounds of aggressiveness, but some early modern women, like some early modem men, aggressed beyond acceptable limits.
We might even say that the mother aggressed against herself, except that, by definition, harming others can be aggression; harming oneself is not.
zeal to help another aggressed in the neighborhood has cooled down.
"Is it not high time we achieve Arab solidarity that stands in the face of Israeli practices against the Palestinian entity and safeguards the rights of a brotherly people whose land has been aggressed?" he asked, noting that "international silence over the Israeli escalation against the State of Palestine, its existence and the legitimate right of its people to peace, security and existence on its soil, makes dependence on Arab solidarity in the face of this injustice more urgent and necessary.
People tend to rally around their leaders when they feel they are being aggressed by other countries.
The journalists aggressed, representing the Tunisian TV, Jawhara FM and Tunisia News Network, were covering Friday's rally organised to denounce the Cairo unrest during the crackdown of the pro-Morsi sit-inners.
Congressman Dan Burton briefed the hearing session about his visit to Bahrain University, where he was shown videotapes of students aggressed by other students siding with the opposition.
"I always say we will not take the people of South Sudan back to war, but if we are being aggressed (attacked) like this we will have to defend ourselves."
"We are glad to see that in European countries the police follow democratic rules, not like in our country, Ukraine, where we are arrested during each protest or like in Belarus, where we were aggressed by the KGB," said Shevchenko.