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Synonyms for aggregative

formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

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Values close to 0 point to a uniform distribution, values close to 1 indicate random distribution, and high values indicate an aggregative distribution.
For Thailand, Hicken compares the effects of pre- and post-1997 constitutional changes on aggregative incentives.
Despite critiques such as these, and the related view that "modern economics" moved beyond Robbins as aggregative mathematical model-building supplanted methodological individualism in all but a few corners of consumer choice theory, Robbins's definition remained the standard one of undergraduate introductory textbooks until fairly recently.
The shortest list of the parameters that determine the form of demand curves in an aggregative model would include the price of importables as well as exportables and the level of aggregate spending (also known as absorption).
Two chapters on fundamentals describe fluidized bed behavior and characteristics of aggregative fluidization.
Liberation from strict, exclusive loyalty to one reading school or scheme allows us to experience reading as an aggregative, winding, spiraling, recursive activity.
And, as is appropriate for an age in which mapping has become an aggregative, open-source, customizable enterprise, Nold overlays his maps onto Google Earth.
Here we report on activities and behaviors of juvenile tarantulas, Brachypelma vagans (Ausserer 1875) still living in the maternal burrow and also describe their unique aggregative dispersal (see also Reichling 2000, 2003).
The researchers will apply hydrocolloidal aggregative formations to selectively separate bioactive components.
Aggregative considerations properly come into play only when the worst burdens that individuals would bear with and without this policy are roughly equivalent, and the numbers must be appealed to in order to break a tie.
The method is relaxed, open, often witty and genial, though there will undoubtedly be some who will question the representative status of some of his examples and those who will want more developed and clinched aggregative proof of his assertions or at least more sustained examples of the illuminating close readings that punctuate and locate his argument.
The second group were reflationists who favored aggregative policies.
The aggregative result of the young boy's violent act would determine his fate-there was only one serious injury and no deaths.
Nevertheless, such disappointments have not been the occasion for abandoning the aggregative approach altogether.
Substratum organic contents (a measure of available food resources) in open areas lacking vegetative cover were equal to or less than organic contents in vegetatively covered areas indicating aggregative behaviors in open areas were not food induced.