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Synonyms for aggregative

formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

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Similarly to most of previous papers (including [2]) we restrict our attention to some class of functions (that are to be computed at the root) called aggregative functions ([22]).
We can frame these two debates in terms of a larger contest between aggregative and deliberative democratic theories.
The department earned aggregative amount of Rs 444,000 by auction of total 244 registration numbers.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in ten chapters devoted to shapeless repetition, positional repetition, associative repetition, iterative repetition, aggregative repetition, repetition in blocks, parallel repetitions, and cyclic repetition.
Q: How does the GJP fit into the Aggregative Contingent Estimation program?
These terms add up to give oral communication high "formulary baggage" and "aggregative weight" (Ong, 1977, pp.
Wes Anderson's latest quirky flick, "Moonrise Kingdom," is the highest rated film for the summer of 2012 on the aggregative film rating website Rotten Tomatoes.
However, the value of the book is not purely aggregative and encyclopedic.
The plasmid exhibits >99% identity with p55989 and encodes the aggregative adhesion fimbriae cluster that is a defining features of enteroaggregative E.
CityPulse does this through its filtering, aggregative and personalization capabilities, adding significant value to content delivery and personalization efforts, resulting in higher CPM, lower costs and better results.CityPulse's technology helps to effectively aggregate and personalize content and service options, providing competitive differentiation for a better customer experience and higher potential CPM and ROI.
(1) In particular, we compare an aggregative view of democracy with a deliberative democratic view.
Highly aggregative and neurotoxic amyloid peptide Abeta43 points the way to new approaches for AD diagnosis and treatment
The smallest one is a so-called 'selfish plasmid' carrying only two genes, one of which encodes a DNA replication protein, the other carrying the aggregative adherence fimbria I (AAF/I) gene cluster, which is associated with E.
Porter endorses a view according to which the political common good is seen as an intrinsic aspect of human flourishing, thus taking a position at variance from other noted Thomists such as Finnis and Mark Murphy who view the common good as instrumental or aggregative respectively.
Finally, Spitzer provides an argument for the impossibility of infinite past time based on David Hilbert's proof of the inconsistency of postulating an actual infinity within a finite or aggregative structure.