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263A provide a specific and relatively complex set of rules for determining the requisite relationship for aggregation purposes, it seems unnecessary to look to another set of rules not specifically referred to in the applicable statute or regulations for determining control.
In the first stage of the trial, TP-9201 completely inhibited platelet aggregation at the lowest dose tested during 24-hour infusion.
Redback's SmartEdge 100 provides service providers with a solution to address the Ethernet access and aggregation layers of advanced service networks, and delivers carrier-class triple play services on a personalized, per-user basis.
In Propstra, 680 F2d 1248 (1982), the Ninth Circuit rejected aggregation in a similar community property case involving real estate.
Identification and Impact of Aggregation Prone Regions in Proteins and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
Based on the FAST model, the interoperability framework will not require customers to share passwords directly with aggregation providers when signing up for account aggregation services.
Whether it is abstraction, emulation, aggregation, host-based, server-based, static, or dynamic management might not matter.
93-12,(2) in which the IRS acquiesced in a long line of cases holding that the value of business interests in property transferred to family members must be determined without regard to the relationship between the buyer and seller or whether the business or other property is controlled by the family as a unit; there is no family aggregation when determining the value of gifted property.
Ample's product portfolio of Ethernet aggregation solutions range from 10/100/1000 Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
a leading information aggregation technology platform provider, announced a strategic partnership to offer the industry's most comprehensive and unique aggregation solution to VIFI's more than 170 financial institution clients.
Insurers that don't participate in online account aggregation risk losing an attractive customer segment.
Cat feeders or aggregation advocates working with cat feeders typically will decide to manage an existing feeding group to develop a long-term, TTVAR-managed aggregation.
Rohde & Schwarz and Samsung reached a significant milestone in the commercial implementation of LTE-Advanced by successfully verifying uplink carrier aggregation in the real form factor.
In our study, 1 and 5 mM nickel in the presence of fibrinogen induced platelet aggregation (independently of protein kinase C activation) and secretion.
Internal IT departments and independent divisions, struggling against one another in an inconsistent data aggregation model, can easily waste huge amounts of time and money.