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formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

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In the ALDC model it is assumed that at E = 0, the amount of aggregated and discrete material starts at [C.sub.2], and as energy is applied to the system, the amount of liberated aggregated and discrete material in a chosen size range approaches a maximum, [B.sub.a], at which the rate of aggregate liberation is equal to the rate of breakdown into smaller sized fractions.
For example, governmental activities such as police protection and public education are aggregated and reported separately from business-type activities such as airports and utilities, which also are separately aggregated and reported.
If changes in both price and price expectations are embedded in movements along the microeconomic demand curve, or any aggregated relative of the market demand curve for that matter, the resulting curve would violate the ceteris paribus assumption and represent a departure from the definition of the Law of Demand.
Epidemiology can provide aggregate metrics -- metrics that start with the health status of an individual and are aggregated.
Combining the ability to act on packet information with queuing and buffering techniques similar to ATM-based systems, and traffic parameters on aggregated ATM circuits, IP-intelligent concentrators deliver the service quality each traffic type requires, for every user.
Thus, utilization rates for published groups are not aggregated directly from the utilization rates for components but are derived from aggregate production and capacity indexes for those groups.
1), indicating that the mechanical energy supplied by the EOE method was not sufficient to disrupt all the aggregated soil material.
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