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Synonyms for aggregated

formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

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1 that energy supplied by the UA method resulted in a concentration of aggregated material in the 2-20 [micro]m fraction.
14 allows the component units to be aggregated in a single column but also includes a requirement to provide additional information about "major" component units.
In determining the taxable income of an individual, S corporation or partnership, the net income (or loss) from all of the trades or businesses actively conducted by the individual, S corporation or partnership must be aggregated.
These pools have further been aggregated into two groups: aggregate pool, consisting of mortgage pools 1 and 2; and pool 3.
Fior D'Italia paid part of the taxes and brought a refund suit, arguing that section 3121(q) required that each employee's tips be determined and individual deficiencies aggregated to determine any underreported amounts.
Centric has been granted a patent titled "Simulation Program Having Generic Attribute Access Schema" that allows Centric Decision Center users to add further meaning to data aggregated from incompatible source systems, thus creating a more complete picture of projects or products for greater contextual analysis.
These pools have further been aggregated into two groups, aggregate pool I, consisting of mortgage pools 1 through 6; aggregate pool II, consisting of mortgage pools 7 through 10; and pool 11.
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