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Synonyms for aggregated

formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

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1), indicating that the mechanical energy supplied by the EOE method was not sufficient to disrupt all the aggregated soil material.
For example, governmental activities such as police protection and public education are aggregated and reported separately from business-type activities such as airports and utilities, which also are separately aggregated and reported.
The aggregated cost that may be deducted in any tax year may not exceed $17,500.
These pools have further been aggregated into two groups, aggregate pool I, consisting of mortgage pools 1 through 6; aggregate pool II, consisting of mortgage pools 7 through 10; and pool 11.
Fior D'Italia paid part of the taxes and brought a refund suit, arguing that section 3121(q) required that each employee's tips be determined and individual deficiencies aggregated to determine any underreported amounts.
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