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an unpleasant person who is annoying or exasperating

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He said the aggravator that involves an offense committed in a heinous, cruel or depraved manner used to be determined by a judge, someone who knows when to use it, but as of 2002 is now determined by a jury, which could lead to the aggravator being used more often.
(35) First, under the revised system, all determinations of aggravators were put to the jury.
Exp [beta] Independent Variables WF Victim 2.261 .000 9.592 WM Victim 1.171 .001 3.225 Minority F Victim 2.161 .000 8.678 One additional aggravator (ALRF) (*) 1.235 .000 3.439 Two additional aggravators (ALRF) (**) 2.553 .000 12.847 Def.'s Race (W vs.
(128) The High Aggravator and Low Aggravator independent variables were developed to examine these questions.
State, (364) there was no question that the defendant was an actual killer who possessed an intent to kill (he kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and strangled a ten-year-old girl), (365) but he challenged the felony murder aggravator (366) as unconstitutional because it required no finding of intent.
Keller said Wednesday that when the prosecution presents racist testimony, it's "using race as an aggravator," and that's not the case for the defense.
Often the result of a "worse than normal" aggravator is the automatic dismissal of mitigation.
Zorro Baits Short Arm Aggravator is another good one, based on Stan Sloan's classic design.
(3) In reality, China's nuclear threat perception, and thus its nuclear modernization, stems from both bilateral relationships, where the United States is rightfully characterized as the "heavyweight" in China's security calculations, and India is the peripheral aggravator. Though bilateral analyses are beneficial to our overall understanding of China's nuclear strategy, the compartmentalization of China's deterrence relationships does not reflect all aspects of Chinese perceptions.
In Germany, France, and Italy, for example, recidivism generally carries no mandatory consequences; it is an optional aggravator for judges to consider.
(117) Here, the sentencing judge found that Blakely had committed the crime with "deliberate cruelty," a statutory aggravator which permitted imposition of a sentence above the standard range.
So it's very important for the community to be aware about sleep apnea as a potential aggravator and contributor to depression," she said.
Even if Baghdad was able to rein them in or co-opt them, this would not solve the problem as the government is also a serial human rights abuser and aggravator of sectarian tensions.
Professional aggravator Jim McDonald does his best to stir up the situation by telling Barlow he'll be behind bars for life, but Carla is convinced her ex is innocent.
(11) The Court held that the proper analysis is to look at individual statutory aggravating factors to determine whether any specific aggravator applied to every defendant or the aggravating factors were unconstitutionally vague.