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an unpleasant person who is annoying or exasperating

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State, (364) there was no question that the defendant was an actual killer who possessed an intent to kill (he kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and strangled a ten-year-old girl), (365) but he challenged the felony murder aggravator (366) as unconstitutional because it required no finding of intent.
6) In negating, the judge does not argue that the mitigator is actually an aggravator, but instead uses negative evidence about the defendant to deny or "lighten" the mitigator.
So it's very important for the community to be aware about sleep apnea as a potential aggravator and contributor to depression," she said.
Now, a traditionally defense-oriented tool has been crowned by the appellate court as a per se sentencing aggravator for persons suffering from mental illness.
Even if Baghdad was able to rein them in or co-opt them, this would not solve the problem as the government is also a serial human rights abuser and aggravator of sectarian tensions.
Professional aggravator Jim McDonald does his best to stir up the situation by telling Barlow he'll be behind bars for life, but Carla is convinced her ex is innocent.
11) The Court held that the proper analysis is to look at individual statutory aggravating factors to determine whether any specific aggravator applied to every defendant or the aggravating factors were unconstitutionally vague.
It is simply wrong to assume that there must be trauma of an identical or worse nature in order for subsequent MST to meet the threshold for a qualified secondary service-connection aggravator.
53) Regardless of the jurisdiction or particular statutory construction, the Supreme Court has mandated that at least one statutory aggravator must be found prior to imposing the death penalty.
Lorente Acosta offers a detailed discussion of the role of alcohol in situations of domestic violence and, although he acknowledges that drinking can cause behavioral changes, in Spain it is cited as an aggravator in only some 30% of cases of battery.
Coleman is 63-24-5 for the Aces all-time; former IceCats aggravator Tyson Nash is in his fourth season as a TV analyst for the Coyotes.
36-38) A slouched posture while sitting has long been discussed as a cause or aggravator for back pain.
Even if we were to entertain MacKenzie's (2010) assertions about Hoover's success, this leaves those who cite the high-wage doctrine as a major aggravator of the Depression in an awkward position.
Studies of the possible molecular mechanisms involved, (30) as well as longitudinal studies, are required to confirm the role of estrogen deficiency as an aggravator of periodontal disease.