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an unpleasant person who is annoying or exasperating

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252) And according to Apprendi, the question of whether an aggravator is an element of a crime or a sentencing factor "is one not of form, but of effect"; an aggravator will be an element provided that its "finding expose[s] the defendant to a greater punishment than that authorized by the jury's verdict.
279) On the other hand, there may be multiple aggravator cases in which no single factor predominates; for these, unique assignment also produces distortion.
90) The jury's decision, the Georgia Supreme Court speculated, would have been the same, even if the invalid aggravator had never been formally presented to them.
concurring in result only) ("When the dictates of Ring are applied to Florida's capital sentencing statute, I believe our statute is rendered flawed because it lacks a unanimity requirement for the 'death qualifying' aggravator.
41) So long as a jury finds beyond a reasonable doubt that an aggravating factor was present, it need not agree on which aggravator was present or which evidentiary theory proves an element.
Appendix I--Summary of Amendments of Punitive Articles (233) Article Summary of Change 103--Captured or Abandoned Increases the dollar amount triggering the Property sentence aggravator from greater than $100 to greater than $500.
28) Regardless of what the prosecutor attempts at sentencing, a federal defendant is much better off after Apprendi if he succeeds in challenging the aggravator.
Dermatologists have identified UV rays as the main aggravator of skin redness in those with sensitive or redness-prone skin.
222) These states considered the offender's minor role in the crime as a mitigating circumstance and thus, without culpability as an aggravator, death could not be imposed.
In those states, the jury need not find each aggravator unanimously, but the jury must unanimously recommend the death penalty.
Note, however, that in the capital sentencing context, a defendant does have certain "rights": that the sentencer must find a specified aggravator and then consider any relevant mitigators.
122) On the other hand, if the jury does find that a statutory aggravator has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, they must choose between a sentence of life imprisonment or death.
10) Since a Virginia capital sentence can stand even if supported by only one aggravating circumstance, the improper evidence was indeed harmless because it invalidated only the "future dangerousness" aggravator.
Mold is a primary aggravator to seasonal allergies.
So it's very important for the community to be aware about sleep apnea as a potential aggravator and contributor to depression," she said.