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Synonyms for aggravate



Synonyms for aggravate

to make greater in intensity or severity

to trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations

Synonyms for aggravate

exasperate or irritate

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The Pocket Encyclopaedia Of Aggravation, by Laura Lee, (PS10, Octopus) is a guide to all the things that get our goat, from biscuit mush at the bottom of your cuppa and elbow wars on public transport to ludicrous T&Cs you blindly agree to each time you sign up for something online.
The sheriff highlighted the previous convictions with aggravations relating to football and religion, and sexual orientation.
Do understand that it might be the big stuff that wins customers but it is the irritations, aggravations and frustrations that mostly lose them.
It's true that as we grow older, many aggravations that we used to take seriously seem to lose edge ("Older but Mellower: Aging brain shifts gears to emotional advantage," SN: 6/24/06, p.
Although the diagnosis of MS was not made until August 1999--more than four months after her effective date of coverage--the insurer concluded that McLeod had "received medical care for manifestations, symptoms, findings or aggravations relating to or resulting from multiple sclerosis during the 90-day period prior to her insured effective date of April 1, 1999.
The new rule requires the recording of aggravations of previously existing injuries.
With hundreds of submissions received and a multitude of various aggravations, the automated attendant won hands down as the biggest frustration.
There were 389 convictions for drunkenness with aggravations in 2015/16, or 17 convictions for every 100,000 people in the area.
Overall, there were 248 convictions for drunkenness with aggravations from April to December 2014, equivalent to 330 for the whole of 2014/15, a drop from 358 in 2013/14.
The company relieves its customers from the aggravations of managing email by offering an outsourced solution integrated with its Total Protection suite.
Overall, there were 236 convictions for drunkenness with aggravations from April to December 2014.
net offers full-featured secure, reliable email with 24-hour support, 7 days a week -- at a very low cost, taking the aggravations out of email management, thereby enabling BCFM members to concentrate on what they do best.