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Synonyms for aggravation

Synonyms for aggravation

Synonyms for aggravation

an exasperated feeling of annoyance

unfriendly behavior that causes anger or resentment

action that makes a problem or a disease (or its symptoms) worse


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You'll also find scientific explanations for why these aggravations exist and what you can do about them.
Pokemon-playing in private cars pose more threat of aggravation to Metro Manila traffic than provincial buses,' Salceda said.
61Mtep en 2015, soit une aggravation du deficit des echanges avec l'exterieur de 18% par rapport a 2014.
Dad-of-one Chisholm - who has previous breach of the peace convictions with religious and sexual orientation aggravations - last month admitted acting in a racially aggravated manner in February 2014.
Treatment and medication are inevitable once illness sets in but the real needs of a patient are to do the best to avoid falling ill and when ailing to avoid aggravation and return to normal life as soon as possible.
Al-Hakim said in his social networking / Facebook /: "As We are at the gates of the formation of the new government, we look forward to that everyone has learned a lesson from the previous stage, and that the policy of exclusion, marginalization and aggravation will not lead us but to collapse and fragmentation and division and rivalry.
Cette aggravation du deficit, qui etait de 115,9 MD au cours des deux premiers mois de 2013, resulte de la baisse sensible des exportations des produits alimentaires (-37,9%), due a une forte regression des recettes des exportations de l'huile d'olive de 80% (45,4 MD contre 224,1 MD), des preparations de legumes et de fruits(-83%), des conserves de poissons (-25%) et des agrumes (-8%).
Aggravation de plus de 4 pc de l'encours de la dette exterieure du Tresor a fin juin 2013 (DTFE)
Keywords: parental aggravation, newborns, religion, child temperament, growth-curve modeling, sanctification
Previous attempts at a distance similar to today's have been inconclusive with regards to stamina - he was brought down in one instance and probably needed the run on the other occasion - but based on his Market Rasen win, as well as his last two runs, it seems highly likely there will be more to come from Aggravation this afternoon.
The aggravation has the effect of making the victim's experience of the crime very much worse than it might otherwise have been.
Two were breach of the peace, one of which was with religious aggravation.
President al-Assad and Emir of Qatar stressed the importance of stability, security and preventing the aggravation of the situation in Lebanon.
In the scheme of things, paying for parking is a minor aggravation - more than free places to park, what downtown Eugene needs is more reasons to visit.
The 2009 term of court demonstrated the complexity of applying Rule for Courts-Martial (RCM) 1001(b)(4) (1) to identify proper aggravation evidence.