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Synonyms for aggrandizement

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Synonyms for aggrandizement

the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something

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However, he said in case war was imposed upon us, we are fully capable to deal attempts of aggression and aggrandizement against motherland.
PESHAWAR -- Leader of Pakistan People Party (PPP) and former Advisor, Asma Alamgeer has condemned India for violating Pakistan airspace and said that its designs of aggression and aggrandizement would be foiled.
He also directed members to play their role in the aggrandizement of democracy and democratic institutions because in the coming difficult or easy circumstances PPP will not leave the field empty
In the comment piece titled 'Solidarity with Taiwan,' the Times describes China as 'an authoritarian one-party state whose president has awarded himself leadership for life and launched his vast country on a mission of diplomatic and economic aggrandizement backed by the implicit threat of force.'
Taxpayers' money should be used wisely, not for personal aggrandizement. We emphasize here that it is important state resources be utilized or expended for the common good, and not for a few handful of people, who find themselves in privilege positions.
National events like the inauguration are ceremonial and should be conducted with moderation and decorum as opposed to becoming grandiose spectacles pandering to political aggrandizement. As a message to foreign dignitaries and contemporaries, a modest ceremony also communicates a sobering of the polity as well as conferring impartiality across the foreign policy board.
Amanda Love Darragh), and take refuge from an India "whose priority of economic growth and individual aggrandizement did not include, and possibly deliberately excluded, an intellectual and literary culture" (Pankaj Mishra).
The OIC stressed the misgivings of hasty judgment, media aggrandizement and Islamophopic discourse; emphasizing the need to wait for full official investigation to take place and for the motivations and causes of the massacre to be revealed.
"Not content to hijack the world's most popular sport for decades of ill-gotten gains, these defendants, as alleged, sought to institutionalize their corruption to ensure that it lived on, not for the good of the game but for their own personal aggrandizement and gain."
It evokes Europe's wars of national aggrandizement, foreign wars to make the world safe for democracy, and the marginalization of minorities.
hostage are the ones who insist on linking unrelated issues to the budget debate, and selfishly promoting their own agendas and self aggrandizement at the expense of doing the business that the people elected them to do.
Drawing on the theoretical work of Slavoj Zizek, he argues that celebrity humanitarianism is most often self-serving in its promotion of institutional aggrandizement and the celebrity brand; advances consumerism and corporate capitalism by rationalizing the very same global inequality it is ostensibly intended to redress; and is fundamentally depoliticizing and empowering of unaccountable elites.
Giving government actors the ability to determine their own limits--or lack thereof--allows for aggrandizement. The key is that an entity is empowering itself, rather than being part of a process involving many different entities.
Fisherman added that Al-Zawahiri is seen, as somebody who isn't always piously committed, but brings with him a sense of personal aggrandizement.
If it, makes debut in the upcoming general elections definitely it will bring revolution in Pakistan, the scene of our politics will sum go through a dramatic and unexpected change Thom could come some fresh blood, which would give us a visionary loader to load the homeland with positive vision towards pros-panty, progress and aggrandizement.