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the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something

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Instead of trying to protect our libraries, our enormously successful arts organisations, Forbes, for his own political aggrandisement, is trying to cut as much as possible.
According to the four volumes report, prior to 2009 when the pioneer Board of Trustees (BoT) was formed by Orji, 'the administration of the fund was an all-comers affair and used for self and political aggrandisement.
Well, before you think this is a precocious act of self aggrandisement, bring it into modern day context and try to explain how you can actually generate economic growth by taking money from those who are developing this nation, and giving it to those who by nature have their hand out and don't, won't or can't contribute to Australia's sovereign wealth.
He has never sought self aggrandisement and does not want to take any unnecessary glory in death.
Their only interest was their personal aggrandisement for which they were denuding this country of its wealth and resources.
They had taken subterfuge of the NRI quota with the clear collaboration of self-financing colleges whose motive seems to be making aggrandisement of their wealth by collecting huge amounts from the students or their parents.
Come back media aggrandisement and tabloid puffery, all is forgiven.
When they return to his family's country estate, she confronts a way of life that horrifies her in its stuffiness and self aggrandisement.
6 The Spirit of Medicine: Selfless service to medicine without a view to material gain of personal aggrandisement.
Barbara is one of those rare people who campaign tirelessly for what they believe in without seeking personal aggrandisement and praise.
The attack comes at a time of internal dissension within the movement, with some members accusing the coalition founder member Abd al-Sittar al-Rishawi of seeking to use US support for his personal aggrandisement.
In this impressive and wide-ranging study, Judith Flanders explores the development of consumerism and the appetite, not only for the acquisition of desirable possessions and the decoration and aggrandisement of the population's homes, but also for the pursuit of leisure and pleasure.
Our oil will sail away eastwards while the ordinary Nigerian will continue to suffer at the hands of an administration that cynically works the system at every opportunity for their personal aggrandisement and benefit.
After his death, aged sixty-two, at the Stag Inn at Halle, Philip's successors continued the aggrandisement of Burgundy and the creation of the most brilliant court in Europe.