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the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something

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I don't profess to be an expert on international relations but found his article to be a one-sided diatribe in support of a Ukrainian government that originally came to power in dubious circumstances and who, for their own financial aggrandisement, have no interests in wider democratic ideals for either citizens in West Ukraine or in the aggrieved Eastern & South East Regions.
Schreuder intimates this in his superb article, "Gladstone's 'Greater World': Free Trade, Empire and Liberal Internationalism," identifying "a 'firewall' in his thought between this empire of moral probity and an empire of constant aggrandisement." These could be reconciled, Gladstone concluded, but only when "you are qualified to make use of that territory for the purposes for which God gave earth to men" (279).
This is plausible but unproven, although the earliest legendary, literary and historical chronicles of our civilisation are of wars conducted by recognisably modern men motivated by aggrandisement or greed or ego.
A slug whose primary focus is money and self- aggrandisement, not quality of product, freedom of thoughtorindividuality.
But once the elections are over our leaders get busy with self- aggrandisement. What this means is all our politicians, the Badals and the Virbhadras could be booked for breach of promise, as may happen with Shinde.
"Instead of trying to protect our libraries, our enormously successful arts organisations, Forbes, for his own political aggrandisement, is trying to cut as much as possible."
Well, before you think this is a precocious act of self aggrandisement, bring it into modern day context and try to explain how you can actually generate economic growth by taking money from those who are developing this nation, and giving it to those who by nature have their hand out and don't, won't or can't contribute to Australia's sovereign wealth.
He has never sought self aggrandisement and does not want to take any unnecessary glory in death.
Their only interest was their personal aggrandisement for which they were denuding this country of its wealth and resources.
(The dream makes even the EU's aggrandisement seem tame.) The aim was to support the existing rule of the Ottoman Sultan, Abdul Hamid II, and not to replace him, thereby giving Germany a potentially useful military ally.
They had taken subterfuge of the NRI quota with the clear collaboration of self-financing colleges whose motive seems to be making aggrandisement of their wealth by collecting huge amounts from the students or their parents.
When they return to his family's country estate, she confronts a way of life that horrifies her in its stuffiness and self aggrandisement. The family of in-laws are equally dreadful, with Kristin Scott Thomas leading the charge as Veronica, the insufferably self-important mother-in-law.
3.6 The Spirit of Medicine: Selfless service to medicine without a view to material gain of personal aggrandisement.
Barbara is one of those rare people who campaign tirelessly for what they believe in without seeking personal aggrandisement and praise.