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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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Drilling of GLM-01 occurred between June 14-18, 2006, sited on an aggrading channel bar sequence located between the Saint John River and Grand Lake, approximately 3 m above mean sea-level at drill site (Fig.
The study site is an aggrading bar of the estuarine Saint John River that closed off the bottom of Grand Lake relatively recently in geological time.
The lowermost cobbles were embedded in aggrading silts (FIGURE 5).
Adapted to growth in rapidly aggrading coastal wetlands, the skirt of Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri probably acted to prop up the trunk while additionally trapping large mounds of mud around the base of the tree and stabilizing coastal wetlands.
More recent work has examined variation in the relationship between litterfall and soil respiration in both 'mature' and aggrading forests (Davidson et al.
At this time, as indicated by the excavation at Aghram Nadharif (2) (Liverani 1999), aeolian dunes were aggrading on the fluvial plain close to the Garamantian citadel.
The reproductive and growth strategies of the most common plant groups within the Little River red beds show adaptation consistent with the sedimentological record of periodic moisture deficit and aggrading sediment.
In the vicinity of Tuzusai the early Iron Age landscape was an actively aggrading alluvial fan.
General features of the N cycle in forests include relatively `tight' cycling of N in mature or aggrading forests (such that rates of mineralisation and N uptake are commensurate with productivity and growth), and increased loss of N after disturbance (and productivity and growth are `uncoupled' from N mineralisation).
Examples such as the Pleasant Bay, Cadillac Mountain, and Vinalhaven complexes display compelling field evidence indicating that mafic magmas were injected into, and flowed along the aggrading floors of these felsic magma chambers.
harvested) and non-aggrading forests than rapidly aggrading forests (Robertson and Tiedje 1984; Robertson and Tiedje 1988).
This was possible in a continuously aggrading swamp, aided by numerous volcanic-ash marker-bands.
here the wadis either have active aggrading gravel-bed channels, or have become infilled by millennia of plough wash.