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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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The sluggish water (supersaturated with respect to calcium carbonate) of meteoric conditions causes aggrading neomorphism (Heckel, 1983; Fig.
With regard to development of the conceptual model, in the context of the timescales associated with impoundments (up to 500 to 1000 years), changes in avulsion frequency are only likely to be relevant in situations where a dam is located upstream of a rapidly aggrading, unstable floodplain.
Richter DD, Allen HL, Li JW, Markewitz D, Raikes J (2006) Bioavailability of slowly cycling soil phosphorus: Major restructuring of soil-P fractions over four decades in an aggrading forest.
Soil respiration from four aggrading forested watersheds measured over a quarter mentury, Forest Ecology and Management 157: 247-253.
Wallenstein MD, Peterjohn WT, Schlesinger WH (2006) N fertilization effects]on denitrification and N cycling in an aggrading forest.
Located at the mouth of this basin, the Parana Delta is a 2.700 km2 freshwater tidal system, which is aggrading into Rio de la Plata Estuary at an estimated rate of 70 m [year.sup.-1] through development of bars that lead to the establishment of new islands (Iriondo & Scotta, 1979; Parker & Marcolini, 1992).
Archaeological and geomorphological surveys of the region prior to its being flooded suggest that many sites in the Euphrates floodplain were probably eroded by the river or buried beneath aggrading sediments, while sites like Tell Hadidi that are situated on the high terrace above the river were well preserved (Wilkinson 2005: 19-24).
It is not uncommon for aggrading forests to accumulate nitrogen as a result of conservative nutrient cycling (Bormann and Likens, 1979; Pearson et al., 1987).
Melt-water from the glacier, the Waiho River, flows across the wide, scoured glacial Waiho Valley, aggrading the riverbed with moraine.
Dendrogeomorphic techniques (Sigafoos, 1964) were planned to estimate and quantify whether Murder Creek floodplain surfaces were aggrading, degrading, or not measurably changing in elevation.
The Alpheios River delta is both prograding and aggrading with lateral overbank-floodplain components to the northwest and southeast (Fig.
In the southern half of the survey area there are more ephemeral and permanent streams and the landscape moves from an eroding to aggrading surface.
The northward advance of the Pennsylvanian sea across the area caused the streams that had been actively downcutting to begin aggrading and filling their valleys with the Caseyville alluvial sediments.
Understanding the rates of, and controls on biomass accumulation in aggrading secondary forests (sensu Bormann and Likens 1979) has implications for environmental issues such as estimating the effect of reforestation on global carbon cycling (Fearnside and Guimar[tilde{a}]es 1996).