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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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This approach will further help with establishing and advancing an open, interconnected, and innovative ecosystem, to increase and better leverage the aggraded industry value.
This suggests that Terrace 1 may have been aggraded over an extended period of time, a point corroborated by tree ring dating of bog oaks stratified within the sediments at Warren Farm Quarry in the study area; analyses suggest two chronologies of c.
Conversion of Atlantic Forest into agroecosystems led to soil organic degradation and the use of compost alone aggraded SOM pools, except the fulvic acid fraction.
Prior to these germination flows, it may be necessary to mechanically scour aggraded flood plains and thereby mimic the geomorphic effects of large, seedbed-preparation flows.
Corrective measures include the installation of log-boulder grade controls to promote channel aggradations up to and inside the culvert, placement of aggraded gravel to protect the eroding footings, repair to the gabion wall and stabilization of the adjacent streambanks.
They are clearly visible on the landscape for many kilometres and have aggraded in height, now standing 2 to 3 m high in several places.
Soil conditions in recently disturbed or aggraded forests therefore favour denitrification, as nitrate availability often limits denitrification in forest soils (e.
This wetland was eventually aggraded by inwashing mineral sediments (Unit 4).
The infill of the channel, the Upper Middle Gravel (Marston's Later Middle Gravel), and all the higher deposits at Swanscombe, represented a higher terrace aggraded directly on top of the earlier one.