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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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In aggraded systems with deposits of fine material that are more than a few tenths of a meter in depth it might not be possible to use conventional methods to conduct a profile survey.
A hydrology project at Redwood National Park helped geologists monitor the shifts in bedload in an aggraded stream along which the tallest redwood trees occur.
Stream surveys and watershed assessments conducted over the years by various agencies have noted a number of problems: unstable stream banks contributing sediment to the creek, a lack of instream structure and habitat complexity, a lack of large conifers in the riparian zone to provide large woody debris (an important component of fish habitat), and severely aggraded conditions (the deposit of sediment) in the lower portion of the creek, resulting in a braided channel and subsurface flow in the late summer and early fall.
"By 1974 the bed of the channel had aggraded by about 0.3 to 1.2 m (1 to 4 feet).
Detailed geological work revealed that the calcretes in the Tharparkar desert have been formed in a variety of settings, including the piedmonts, sheetwash aggraded plains, regolith, playa plains and interdunal plains, while sand dunes and sandy plains have weaker development of calcretes.
Conversion of Atlantic Forest into agroecosystems led to soil organic degradation and the use of compost alone aggraded SOM pools, except the fulvic acid fraction.
Prior to these germination flows, it may be necessary to mechanically scour aggraded flood plains and thereby mimic the geomorphic effects of large, seedbed-preparation flows."
Soil conditions in recently disturbed or aggraded forests therefore favour denitrification, as nitrate availability often limits denitrification in forest soils (e.g.
Many river restoration projects in North America emphasize channel stabilization through simple techniques such as cabling red cedar trees (Juniperus virginiana) to eroding banks to protect banks and induce scour of aggraded channels (Gough 1991), or more ambitious resculpting of over-widened, braided channels into single thread channels with improved stability and aquatic habitat (Matthews 1990; NRC 1992).