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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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At the line of flexure of the ramp, in a belt trending NW-SE across western north Alabama, a major aggradational oolitic shoal complex developed in the Bangor (Thomas, 1972).
For the most part, Bangor deposition on the Warrior platform appears to have been progradational or aggradational (Pashin, 1993; Mars and Thomas, 1999).
Since an alluvial fan is primarily an aggradational feature, it is possible that the erosional episode can be attributed to neo-tectonic subsidence of the Ily basin and a subsequent drop in base level, or perhaps drier climatic conditions in which lower water tables led to stream incision on the fan.
At the end of the erosional episode which marks the Unit 3/2 boundary, the hydrological regime returned to an aggradational episode rather than one of stability.
The channel body at the 580 m level is interpreted as a large distributary channel, based on its incised nature and aggradational style, whereas the Coal Mine Point channel body represents a meandering river that advanced over bayfills, much as the modern Atchafalaya River of Louisiana advanced rapidly once it had filled Atchafalaya Bay (Tye and Coleman 1989).