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build up to a level by depositing sediment

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According to James Syvitski, an oceanographer and professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, a delta's elevation above sea level depends on four interrelated factors: the ocean's global volume, aggradation, sediment compaction, and vertical movements resulting from plate tectonics and other geophysical processes.
Classifying the forest area into six levels of above-ground standing biomass carbon density (tons/ha) shows this aggradation of carbon in greater detail (Fig.
However, they undergo low-energy flood events during the mid- to late wet season (February to April) and aggradation associated with these annual events has a potential to bury low-density archaeological deposits.
ThPat) of the latest Thanetian which is composed of a third order highstand system tract and six vertically stacked parasequences of fourth/fifth order showing aggradation.
Using established Cs-I37 chronostratigraphic markers at 1954 and 1963, calculated sedimentation rates yield an average aggradation of 0.
In the reach directly below the dam there was an increase in fine sediment that accounted for an average cross-sectional channel aggradation of 26 cm, from pre- to post-dam conditions, indicating reservoir erosion and subsequent downstream deposition Nutrient limiting conditions also changed from pre-and post dam removal.
One consequence is that many rivers can no longer maintain rich in-stream faunal habitats or flush their sediments and the waters of their estuaries out to sea naturally, a situation that contributes to coastal erosion, river aggradation and flooding, and poor coastal water quality.
According to Epstein, "in bringing agents to bear on this controversy, we have the benefits of (a) a very accurate reconstruction of the physical environment (hydrology, aggradation, maize potential, and drought severity) on a square hectare basis for each year of the study period, and (b) an excellent reconstruction of household numbers and locations.
Degradation changes of the coal quality in the seams of the region were found in about 30 % of the faults of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, while the aggradation ones in about 12 % (Cmiel, 2009; Cmiel and Dziurowicz, 2011).
The remaining pools may become shallower as a result of aggradation and the lack of scour-forcing features such as large woody debris, and cover may also be reduced.
Each phase is characterised by channel incision initiated during wetter periods and ended with aggradation as the climate dried and discharge waned.
Casabianca Formation: a Colombian example of volcanism-induced aggradation in a fluvial basin.
Sediment deposition into reservoirs built for hydropower generation has several negative effects which include loss of storage capacity, bank erosion and slope instabilities, upstream aggradation, and effect on water quality and operating machines (Jain and Singh, 2002) [3].