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an antibody that causes agglutination of a specific antigen

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A poster titled "Long-term Efficacy of the Terminal Complement Inhibitor Eculizumab in a Patient with Cold Agglutinin Disease" was presented today at the ASH annual meeting by Dr.
All cases, except one (case 11), were immunoreactive for at least 2 additional vascular markers (factor VIII-related antigen, ulex europaeus agglutinin, and CD34).
Furthermore, garlic lectin is a mannose-specific agglutinin as reported by several other previous studies (Dam et al.
html -- "Long-term Efficacy of the Terminal Complement Inhibitor Eculizumab in a Patient with Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD)," Dr.
A Lipopolysaccharide-binding agglutinin isolated from brown shrimp (Penaeus californiensis HOLMES) haemolymph.
Keywords: Polygonatum cyrtonema lectin (PCL) Galanthus nivalis agglutinin (GNA)-related lectin Ophiopogon japonicus lectin (OJL) Sugar-binding motif Apoptosis Caspase
Processing, targeting, and antifungal activity of stinging nettle agglutinin in transgenic tobacco.
We previously developed a multilectin affinity system for efficient and specific enrichment of human serum glycoproteins (7) and demonstrated that a multilectin affinity chromatography (M-LAC) [4] column containing Jacalin, concanavalin A, and wheat germ agglutinin could overcome the low affinity and lack of complete glycoprotein capture that typically occurs with a single-lectin affinity selector.
Partial characterization of a natural agglutinin in the hemolymph of the lobster, Homarus americanus.
05 nM) and Abrus agglutinin is of comparatively low toxicity (3.
Arachis hypogaea peanut agglutinin lectin, which recognizes unsialylated core 1 O-glycans, reacts strongly with sarcolemmal glycoproteins and with [alpha]-dystroglycan in DMRV patients, but not in controls.
atlanticus was found in carpet shell clams (Ruditapes decussatus), which showed elevated serum lysozyme and agglutinin levels (Ordas et al.
The effect of rice bran agglutinin (RBA) on U937 cells was examined in comparison with those of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) and Viscum album agglutinin (VAA).