agglutination test

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a blood test used to identify unknown antigens

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Latex agglutination test for early detection of causative organism in acute bacterial meningitis.
The prozone phenomenon should be kept in mind when the clinical suspicion of brucellosis is high and the agglutination test is negative.
7) Arthritis 7 (17) 3 (20) Table 2 - The distribution of standard tube agglutination test (STA) titers of Brucellosis index cases and seropositive family members.
The usefulness of direct agglutination test, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and polymerase chain reaction for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii in wild animals.
Development of slide agglutination test for the rapid diagnosis of Mycoplasma infection in the chicken.
The sensitivity and specificity of Brucella agglutination tests.
Keywords: leptospirosis, seroprevalence, leptospiral antibody, microscopic agglutination test, cattle farmers maintenance hosts.
The Microscopic Agglutination Test was performed after the baseline titer was done as per the guidelines given by the WHO manual on Leptospirosis and results were recorded and tabulated.
5%) positive cases in cattle and buffalo using Rose Bengal plate test and serum agglutination test by Faqir (1991), who also reported the presence of brucellosis in cattle and buffalo in the same area after screening 680 animals and (8.
In the case of serological tests, there are a number of different methodologies available for diagnosis including Rose Bengal Test (RBT), Serum Agglutination Test (SAT), Standard Tube Agglutination Test (STAT), Milk Ring Test (MRT) and Enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) (Godfroid et al.
Negi (1996), Spot agglutination test for the rapid diagnosis of goat pox, Tropical Animal Health and Production, 28(3): 213-215.
Two milliliters of whole blood was taken from each subject by antecubital vein puncture with aseptic conditions for antigen-antibody agglutination test.
All samples were subjected to Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT).
All the serum samples were studied with Rose Bengal slide agglutination test (RB) and standard tube agglutination test (SAT).
Serological diagnosis is usually performed using a tube agglutination test (TAT), a rapid slide agglutination test, and a gel immunodiffusion test [2-4].