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Synonyms for agglutinate

string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language)

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united as if by glue

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This foraminiferal assemblage has low to high biodiversity represented by agglutinated and calcareous forms.
5C shows a 3-D view of the interpolated magnetic map with high positive anomalies along the crater rim (up to + 12,000 nT) where the agglutinated spatter have been mainly deposited as metre sized pillow-like blocks.
In all the samples complete carpet of agglutinated organisms was seen and considered as positive.
All of the twenty seven agglutinated specimens in varies dilutions, were also investigated for antibodies by the 2ME test that 3 (0.
Gel column agglutination, which has gained popularity in recent years, also has the unique advantage of detecting mixed-field agglutination patterns, because the high-density media allows a clear separation between agglutinated and non-agglutinated cells, thus indicating the presence of a dual population of red blood cells.
Pullorum Agglutinated with Agglutinated with " O 1, 9, 12 and " O 1, 9, 12 and negative with negative with H1 and H2 ") H1 and H2 ") No % No % Chicken 13 100% 10 100% Minced meat 0 0% 0 0% Sausage 0 0% 0 0% Burger 0 0% 0 0% Mint 0 0% 0 0% Calendula 0 0% 0 0% Basil 0 0% 0 0% Shrimp 0 0% 0 0% Fish 0 0% 0 0% Irrigation Water 0 0% 0 0% Kind of samples S.
Small ostracods, sponge spicules, agglutinated foraminifers, gastropods, bivalves, brachiopods, fragments of conularids and bryozoans occur in the residues.
Pea lectin highly agglutinated human, rabbit and rat erythrocytes but weekly agglutinated chicken erythrocytes.
Strange as it may sound, the magic ingredient is nothing more than agglutinated hair, crusted and sabre-like, perched atop the head of the second-largest land mammal in the world: the rhino.
I was reminded of such issues recently on encountering Sam Lewitt's contribution to this year's Whitney Biennial, Fluid Employment, 2012, an oddly agglutinated and elegant system.
Assemblages of Baffin Bay contained only agglutinated foraminifera, whereas samples from the Labrador Sea contained both calcareous and agglutinated species, which resulted in significantly higher species richness.