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Synonyms for agglutinate

string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language)

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united as if by glue

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Living populations are not discussed because thick-walled agglutinated species do not reveal their stained protoplasm body without being crushed.
Plasma and mucous extracts from Mytilus edulis agglutinated horse erythrocytes with comparable intensities (5.
The Challenger Deep is an extreme environment for agglutinated foraminifera, which construct their tests from a wide range of particles cemented together by calcareous or organic matter," said Gooday.
The spermatozoa were agglutinated in a head-to-head manner, which invariably makes them fail to fertilize the egg as reported by Mochida and Takahashi 1993.
Indicators of marine influence include high sulphur coals bracketing coastal plain strata (Hacquebard and Donaldson 1969), agglutinated foraminifera (Wightman et al 1994), glaucony (Batson and Gibling 2002), and acritarchs (T.
Sometimes they were successful, but sometimes when recipient and donor bloods mingled, rather than flowing together the blood cells agglutinated or "clumped.
In our experiments, cells appeared to be disrupted as they agglutinated, and this was likely due to an acrosome reaction.
Cultures grown in media containing whey peptides agglutinated in skim milk to a lesser degree than when they grew in the control medium.
If the miscibility between the maleated oligomer (or polymer) and matrix polymer was not good enough, the oligomer was agglutinated in the matrix polymer and did not act as a dispersant of the silicate layers.
These finds are limited to long-ranging trace fossils, rare fragments of Platysolenites and agglutinated foraminifers Luekatiella (Kala et al.
In a series of appropriately short, pithily organized, and meticulously documented chapters, Farrant charts Balzac's synchronic and diachronic development as it emerges from philosophy into literature and as the Urform of that literature, the conte, assumes its various avatars: maxim, portrait, code, narrative, and then aggregated narratives such as the Contes drolatiques and agglutinated narratives such as La Femme de trente ans or L'Envers de l'histoire contemporaine.
Some Yoruba words are syntactically single words, but morphologically come from various agglutinated words.
Serum CRP concentrations were measured by a particle-counting immunoassay (PACIA) (18), a high-sensitivity CRP (hsCRP) assay based on the agglutination of antibody-sensitized latex particles and subsequent counting of these agglutinated particles by laser beam in a PAMIA-20 automated analyzer (Sysmex).
While the microscopic observations were somewhat subjective, it was found that the anti-sera agglutinated some oral bacteria but not others, an observations which is consistent with the hypothesis that oral bacterial antigens are responsible for blood group antibodies.