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Synonyms for agglutinate

string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language)

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united as if by glue

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Lectins are ubiquitous and can bind specifically, reversibly, non-covalently to carbohydrates and agglutinate cells and/or precipitate glycoconjugates.
In the blood bank, during screening for irregular RBC antibodies, RBC autoantibodies can cause the autocontrol consisting of the patient's plasma and his or her own RBCs to agglutinate. Cold-reacting IgM RBC autoantibodies cause the autocontrol RBCs and the affected panel cells to agglutinate at room temperature and below when incubated with the patient's plasma or serum.
Pollen, which adheres to honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) as they collect nectar from flowers and which they agglutinate into balls with nectar and bee saliva is important for survival of these insects.
This test is very sensitive and is based upon the principle that anti-cryptococcal antibody-coated latex particles will agglutinate with antigens from the polysaccharide capsule.
SAN DIEGO -- Type 2 diabetes patients achieved greater blood sugar control with once-daily agglutinate injections than with other standard type 2 diabetes medications, according to the findings from a meta-analysis of seven phase III studies presented at the meeting.
The important point of this manufacturing process is to agglutinate moderately the dispersed cellulose under water and to prevent the web paper from contraction at drying.
Furthermore, the sialic-acid-binding lectin from Modiolus modiolus, the horsemussel (Tunkijjanukij et al., 1997), and the [beta]-glucan-binding protein from Perna viridis, the green mussel (Jayaraj et al., 2008), are able to agglutinate bacteria and are thought to be involved in the defense mechanism in these species.
Latex particles that have sensitised antibody and antigen in specimen cause antigen-antibody reaction to agglutinate latex particles.
coli strains isolated from the urine of patients with UTIs, according to their ability to agglutinate red blood cells and by using a quantitative biofilm assay.
Cold Agglutinin Disease is a very, rare, immune mediated condition, in which components of blood agglutinate in the vessels, causing thrombus formation with subsequent loss of blood supply.
coli colonies that also were positive for stx1 by PCR and did not agglutinate with commercial latex reagents for STEC serogroups O26, O91, O103, O111, O128, O145, and O157.
Swabs containing calcium agglutinate are toxic to HSV.
The latex particles, which have been coated with specific antibodies, will visibly agglutinate in the presence of the target organism, thus indicating a positive result.