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Synonyms for agglutinate

string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language)

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united as if by glue

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Warm-reacting IgG RBC autoantibodies tend to cause all panel and autocontrol RBCs to agglutinate after incubation at 37[degrees]C and the addition of AHG.
VWF:Ag quantifies total VWF; VWF:RCo is a functional test in which VWF agglutinates platelets in the presence of ristocetin, which "activates" VWF, allowing it to interact with platelet GP1b (2).
Agglutinate (Victoria) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in January 2010 to treat type 2 diabetes in adults as an adjunct therapy to a healthy diet and exercise.
On the other hand, moderate agglutinate of the paper would be brought about by coordination of underwater ion concentration because the cellulose is charged with electricity in negative underwater conditions.
Ten hours after injection the survival rate, haemolymph samples from five shrimps per aquarium for total count of haemocytes, phenoloxidase activity and serum agglutinate titre were collected, as well as samples of hepatopancreas and haemolymph for microbiological analysis (Vibrio ssp.
Lectins are of special consideration, and can be defined as proteins that recognize specific carbohydrate structures and thereby agglutinate cells by binding to cell-surface sugars, glycoproteins, and other glycoconjugates (Lis & Sharon 1998).
Another distinction among El Tor strains is the ability to agglutinate erythrocytes from several animal species like chicken, goat or sheep, though classical strains are devoid of this capability.
The ability of Campylobacter isolates to agglutinate human, sheep, and chicken erythrocytes was tested as previously described (11).
coli strains isolated from the urine of patients with UTIs, according to their ability to agglutinate red blood cells and by using a quantitative biofilm assay.
coli cells and subsequently the chain of reactions that spontaneously supports blood cell RBC (Red Blood corpuscles) to agglutinate, in presence of more than 2 x [10.
Cold Agglutinin Disease is a very, rare, immune mediated condition, in which components of blood agglutinate in the vessels, causing thrombus formation with subsequent loss of blood supply.
coli colonies that also were positive for stx1 by PCR and did not agglutinate with commercial latex reagents for STEC serogroups O26, O91, O103, O111, O128, O145, and O157.
Swabs containing calcium agglutinate are toxic to HSV.
The latex particles, which have been coated with specific antibodies, will visibly agglutinate in the presence of the target organism, thus indicating a positive result.