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a device that causes material to gather into rounded balls

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The ground cellulose fibers and the EAA pellets were gravimetrically fed into the agglomerator, where the fibers and the EAA became attached to each other due to the friction heat generated by the screw rotation.
The tour will feature demonstrations of its agglomerator, enrober, pan coating, tableting, carbonator and botthing capabilities.
The Plastcompactor CV is a disc agglomerator used to densify any thermoplastic materials, including thin film edge trim, carpeting rejects, polyester foam, plastic fibers, and pre-sorted domestic waste.
The -1 in material is conveyed to the agglomerator by a variable speed conveyor and minus 1/8 in pebble lime is then added at a rate of 2 kg/t.
This latest project requires the company to supply two extraction lines each of the type FIC "2 in 1", 2--evaporators, 2--aroma recovery plant type ARC, a spray dryer type GIC, an agglomerator type RWA and a CONRAD WB, an extendable continuous freeze drying plant.
The Recostar Basic--recommended for lightweight materials such as fibers, non-wovens, and film--features an agglomerator drum attached tangentially to the extruder.
Agglomeration of KI in a pan agglomerator or a fluidized bed agglomerator readily produces particles in the desired range.
The Dust Agglomerator Pak from Castec, Inc., is a self-contained unit featuring a dust hopper, live bottom bin and a screw feed.
Further topics in the current issue include the success story of the agglomerator launched at the K '98 plastics trade fair and the introduction of a new subsidiary--turnkey supplier Warema--to readers.
Against the backdrop of a rotary drum agglomerator, FEECO's Vice President and General Manager, Lee Hoffmann, summed up export success when he told the publication, “having unique and well-built products that are not readily available around the world are really some of the keys to success.” Hoffmann added that export success also comes from added opportunities to enhance the customer's success through working with them on things like financial arrangements, and services like field installations.