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clustered together but not coherent

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This is a hierarchical agglomerative method, which attempts to minimise the variance within clusters.
For the current experiment, an agglomerative hierarchical clustering procedure was used.
Future research is required to disentangle more precisely the many agglomerative forces at work.
School principals' responses were compared by hierarchical agglomerative cluster analysis using Ward's method.
For similar reasons, the current investigation proceeds through an elaborate three-stage clustering process, which combine k-means in the first and agglomerative hierarchical methods in the second and third steps of the analysis.
This hypothesis was tested utilizing a hierarchical, agglomerative cluster analysis (centroid linkage method).
The cluster in this figure was obtained through agglomerative hierarchical clustering, which treats all firms as separate clusters initially, then forms larger and larger clusters until the entire sample of firms has been assigned to one all-inclusive cluster.
PET can be combined with other materials for enhanced performance when handling wet dust, agglomerative dust, or for preventing the build-up of electrostatic charges.
Implementing agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithms for use in document retrieval.
The correlation coefficient matrix is analyzed by the cluster analysis program of SAS (a hierarchical agglomerative clustering program with Ward's trace option).
An agglomerative approach begins with each pattern in a distinct (singleton) cluster, and successively merges clusters together until a stopping criterion is satisfied.
An agglomerative cluster analysis formed two large groups with 10 and 11 members, and other countries were separated from each other into smaller groups with 2, 3, and 3 members.
Setting these broader issues to one side, the immediate task is to choose between a divisive or an agglomerative method of classification.
To test the existence of the entrepreneurial types, hierarchical agglomerative cluster analysis using SPSSx was performed in order to group together people with similar psychological profiles.
The clustering technique we employed was Ward's method, a hierarchical agglomerative procedure.