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clustered together but not coherent

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Agglomerative cluster analysis based on the Bray-Curtis similarity coefficients was also calculated and the similarities at 40 % and 75 % were overlain on the ordination.
The agglomerative, hierarchical cluster analysis revealed 4 distinct groupings of bars with respect to juvenile oyster abundance patterns (Fig.
The second major kind of agglomerative gains are market-size
In order to determine which clusters should be combined, (in this case, authors have used agglomerative cluster analysis) a measurement of dissimilarity between sets of observations is required.
Regionalization with Dynamically Constrained Agglomerative Clustering and Partitioning (REDCAP).
Following Feser, Koo and Nolan et al, we used the Ward agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm to identify and categorize occupations into clusters.
2012) went a step further in defining agglomerative markers for both health outcomes and environmental chemicals.
To compare hydrological conditions (precipitation and PDSI) among climate divisions, single linkage (nearest neighbor) agglomerative clustering based on Pearson correlation coefficients was carried out with SPSS Statistics (5) software, vers.
Dendrograms are usually used to illustrate the results of the agglomerative hierarchic clustering procedure (Rezankova 2010, 2007).
Hierarchical clustering are two types shown below Hierarchical Agglomerative methods and Hierarchical Divisive clustering methods.
Multivariate statistical methods including principal component analysis (PCA) and agglomerative hierarchical cluster analysis (AHCA) identified the most important characteristics in brook trout stream selection.
As such, the use of multivariate statistical analysis such as hierarchical agglomerative cluster analysis (HACA), discriminate analysis (DA), principal component analysis (PCA) together with factor analysis (FA) and modeling such as artificial neural network (ANN), multiple linear regression model (MLR) will enable us reduce the dimensionality of the data as well as extract meaningful statistical findings [21,22,23,24,25,26].
Based on these indices, sites were classified with an agglomerative cluster software (Community Analysis Package- CAP version 3.
Neighbor-net: an agglomerative method for the construction of phylogenetic networks.
ROCK (Guha, 1999), a Robust hierarchical-clustering algorithm is an agglomerative hierarchical clustering based on the notion of links.