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clustered together but not coherent

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ABSTRACT The agglomerative clustering analysis to find out the intraspecific variations among the populations of Cirrhinus mrigala was done by using Pearson Correlation Coefficient based Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA) as Agglomeration method by XLSTAT 2012 version 1.02.
The second major kind of agglomerative gains are market-size
"An unsupervised method of classifying remotely sensed images using Kohonen self-organizing maps and agglomerative hierarchical clustering methods".
2) shows that at a similarity of 40 % (based on agglomerative cluster analysis), few pans have similar invertebrate community structures.
The agglomerative, hierarchical cluster analysis revealed 4 distinct groupings of bars with respect to juvenile oyster abundance patterns (Fig.
Once the clusters of fine grain produced by DBSCAN the first phase finish, the proposed algorithm switch to the agglomerative hierarchical clustering, combining the most similar sub-clusters together by looking at their inter-connectivity and their closeness.
Van Den Noortgate); (31) Modeling students activity in online discussion forums: a strategy based on time series and agglomerative hierarchical clustering (G.
To explore the structure of a data set, we use hierarchical agglomerative classification that gives information about separate areas of high density of records that are represented by clusters.
Such an agglomerative procedure still has its virtues since it permits different perspectives on the mosaic; indeed, it even encourages that different mosaics be envisioned.
Jaccard's coefficient (Jaccard, 1908) and sequential agglomerative hierarchical and nested Clustering (SAHN) feature of NTSYS- pc version 2.0 were used to generate dendrograms showing clustering of 22 accessions used in the study.
However, the FastStats implementation introduces a number of powerful options including a multi-stage (Divisive or Agglomerative) clustering process.
Ward's hierarchical agglomerative clustering method was used, with squared Euclidean distance as the index of pairwise similarity-dissimilarity between participant profiles.
In a densely populated region, the agglomerative effects of high density shopping venues imply that the coefficient for DENS is positive.
Yet, the automobile greatly has reduced the relative importance of such "agglomerative economies." Jobs, housing, retail, and other activities are distributed through modern urban areas in a fine-grained pattern.