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Synonyms for agglomeration

Synonyms for agglomeration

a group of things gathered haphazardly

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(2012); Ciccone and Hall (1996) and Burki and Khan (2013)] have been conducted to examine the impact of such agglomeration (clusters) on firm efficiency/productivity.
In this paper, we examine the role of sub-national institutions in moderating the impact of industry agglomeration on profitability of MNC subsidiaries.
Agglomeration economies are an important factor in enticing people move towards specific place.
There is very little research about an urban agglomeration, and if there is one, it often focuses on the macro development characteristic of urban agglomeration transport system and specific plans still within one administrative region lacking in-depth analysis of the internal relationship between transport supply and demand structure of urban agglomeration.
Keywords: Geo-spatial agglomeration, industrial clusters, PCA and population potential.
Mechanism analysis of the relationship between financial agglomeration and economic growth
Despite the importance of agglomeration for industrial development there is little evidence of the extent to which agglomerative forces are at work in developing country contexts.
The research was carried out to investigate the fluidization behavior of silver oxide nanoparticle agglomerates to present approaches to reduce the amount of particle agglomeration during the fluidization process through the two viewpoints of laboratorial scale and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation.
Over the past few decades, many studies have explored various implications of agglomeration. Examples include the relationships between agglomeration and firms' location choice (Amiti 2005; LaFountain 2005; Devereux et al.
The majority of literature finds a positive correlation between agglomeration and economic growth (Bairoch, 1993; Hohenberg and Lees, 1985; Hohenber, 2004), and even Brulhart and Sbergami (2009) have again validated the hypothesis of Williamson (1965).
La premiere agglomeration serait situee pres de la cite Sadate et Beheira, alors que la deuxieme, elle, sera a la Nouvelle Vallee.
Green Bay, WI, February 02, 2012 --( FEECO International, a leader in agglomeration and process solutions, has been providing agglomeration and fines handling solutions for over 60 years.
In particular, these studies focus on whether regional agglomeration economies influence FDI location decisions.
It ordered Belgium to pay a fine of 10 million for failing to comply with the 2004 judgement, and a penalty payment of 4,722 per day, which Belgium will have to pay as long as it does not comply in full with that judgement - non-compliance with which persists in five agglomerations.