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Synonyms for agglomeration

Synonyms for agglomeration

a group of things gathered haphazardly

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These funds will ensure the continued funding of the commercial development of the Company's Coal Oil Agglomeration Pyrolysis (COAP) process.
coal industry and will generate a short list of 10 target coal producers who express real interest in Reef's coal-oil agglomeration process.
Each of them consists of several chained school routes in order to optimize the use of resources in the territory of the Garonne Valley agglomeration (Vga).
Le ministre du Logement et des Agglomerations urbaines, Dr Tareq Wafiq, a donne son aval quant a la mise en place de cinq nouvelles agglomerations dans les zones desertiques du Sinai et de la Haute-Egypte, ainsi que dans les regions de la Nouvelle Vallee et a el-Alameine.
FEECO offers “free of charge” agglomeration feasibility tests in their state-of-the-art lab facility.
Historically, economists relied on agglomeration economies to explain how the high concentrations of people and jobs in cities led to efficiency gains and cost savings for firms.
All deal with the core topics of agglomeration, innovation, and regional competition, although some deal more with the influence of innovation and agglomeration on the location of economic activity and others deal more directly with the issue of regional competition.
This study attempts to analyze the agglomeration of manufacturing firms for the Indian context using an agglomeration measure given by Ellison and Glaeser for 66 manufacturing industries in 21 major States and Union Territories.
The system is built on the combination of the agglomeration techniques used in water treatment plants with the company's commercial superconducting electromagnetic separation technology to purify blue-green algae and other phytoplankton.
Attempting to blow up a loose agglomeration of rocky material is a lot like firing a bullet into a pile of sandbags, notes Love.
Couple families in the census agglomeration of Yellowknife ranked second with a median income of $111,500 followed by couple families in Labrador City at $87,900.
There was no evidence of adjacent organelle lysis or of agglomeration of particulates (Figure 4).
We found that while talc did not alter the agglomeration rate, it led to a detackified agglomerate.
Through a process called cold-bond tailings agglomeration (CBTA), several types of wastes have been physically and chemically altered into a less reactive and more easily-handled state.
Green sand analyses at two foundries provide a way to determine the extent of agglomeration, helping to solve defects and evaluate material or equipment changes to your sand.