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clustered together but not coherent

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Keeping pace with the new natural agglomerated options hitting the market, Diam unveiled its Origine closure at Unified this year.
Compensation of the loss of combustion with agglomerated or equivalent fresh carbon tested by the contractor (see lot A) and re-delivery.
Nanopowder K (Figure 2G-I) contained a wide size range of highly agglomerated partides, with most primaty particles being in the nanosize range.
PP/PANI/MWNT 5), the dispersion of MWNT is the most uniform, and the size of the agglomerated particles is the least.
Sample 3 has the lowest proportion of particles in region 1 and the highest overall circularity indicating that this is the least agglomerated sample.
A full line of high purity calcined alumina polishing abrasives come in agglomerated and deagglomerated grades for grinding, lapping and finishing optics made from calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, stainless steel and other substrates.
The MiniFlow features a built-in ultrasonic probe for dispersing highly agglomerated materials.
De-Clumpers break apart compacted or agglomerated materials for better dispersion or flow.
Rubber materials are de livered in bales; carbon black filler particles are delivered in agglomerated form; and additives are not normally supplied as nano-scale fine dusts, but rather as agglomerates with a more or less wide range of particle sizes.
Kalmon Dolgin said, "This transaction is unique because the assets, both large and small, had been agglomerated into two separate portfolios.
Grande Ultra WPC80 Is Grade A, and the product line also includes agglomerated, hydrolyzed and low lactose formulas.
With the addition of a small percentage of cementing binder, mill tailings have been successfully agglomerated into pellets which are considerably less reactive than in their original state.
A mass or ball of silica grains, clay and additives with water forms during mulling and aeration, and molding compresses these agglomerated green sand constituents into a near-maximum bulk density.
In heap leaching, the ore is finely crushed and agglomerated and stacked in heaps through which a weak cyanide solution is percolated to dissolve the gold.
One scientific question concerns whether agglomerated particles can, without falling apart, withstand the rigors of cleansing devices such as cyclones.