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clustered together but not coherent

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Four-wheel drive cars emerged as the top product re-exported from Bahrain with BD21.8 million, gold ingots came as second products with BD21.6 million, and agglomerated iron ores and concentrates came as the third with BD16.4 million.
The spherically agglomerated crystals, produced in yields generally within the range 55-80% (Table 2), were produced simultaneously as crystallization was completed.
Keeping pace with the new natural agglomerated options hitting the market, Diam unveiled its Origine closure at Unified this year.
The main purpose of AH-KSC is to get hierarchical clustering but accuracy of AH-KSC does not improve significantly from KSC because AH-KSC allows indirectly connected nodes to be agglomerated together and also there are no termination criteria for satisfied community.
The only parrides observed were> 5 [micro]m (5,000 nm) in diameter and were not agglomerated. Nanopowder K (Figure 2G-I) contained a wide size range of highly agglomerated partides, with most primaty particles being in the nanosize range.
For instance, when the ratio of PANI-DBSA to MWNT is 3 to 17 (i.e., PP/PANI/MWNT 5), the dispersion of MWNT is the most uniform, and the size of the agglomerated particles is the least.
Using the X-Fall module, pourable, not agglomerated particles are fed to the analysis area by a vibrating feeder.
This method is very costly as the particles are severely agglomerated when the magnetite powder is heated at 200-400AC."We synthesized maghemite nanoparticles through a modern and simple method.
Flavored rods, solid and agglomerated flavor forms are used at 2.5 to 8% by weight of the tea.
Sample 3 has the lowest proportion of particles in region 1 and the highest overall circularity indicating that this is the least agglomerated sample.
A full line of high purity calcined alumina polishing abrasives come in agglomerated and deagglomerated grades for grinding, lapping and finishing optics made from calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, stainless steel and other substrates.
The MiniFlow features a built-in ultrasonic probe for dispersing highly agglomerated materials.
De-Clumpers break apart compacted or agglomerated materials for better dispersion or flow.
has received a patent for an article, comprising a coat ed substrate obtained by coating an uncoated substrate with a single layer of a combination of two or more powder coatings, comprising two or more color powder coatings wherein the color of each power coating is different, wherein a difference in triboelectric charge of the two or more powder coatings is 5.0 [micro]C/g or less; wherein particles of each powder coating are not agglomerated; and wherein the two or more powder coatings form a single layered coating film having a homogeneous hue.