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Synonyms for agglomerate

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for agglomerate

volcanic rock consisting of large fragments fused together

Related Words

form into one cluster

clustered together but not coherent

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The Morphologi G3-ID extends the capabilities of image analysis by applying the technique of Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy to enable the chemical identification of multi-component agglomerates that cannot be reliably classified on the basis of size and shape alone.
PP/PANI/MWNT 5), there is no prominent agglomerate phenomenon, and the dispersion of MWNT is far better than that in other composites.
Aggregates and agglomerates are separated from primary particles on the basis of: shape, low circularity, and to some extent size (the size range is quite broad)--see Figure 1, region 1.
the base silica sand sieve analysis from cores or new sand additions prevails in agglomerate formation;
For sequence A, we assume large agglomerates or coarse structures at the end of the second run, because a continuous decrease of the shear rate allows a steady agglomerate build-up.
Two modes of dispersion are identified: the bulk rupture (an abrupt breakage of the agglomerate into multiple large fragments) and erosion (a sequential removal of small fragments from the agglomerate periphery) (figure 2).
AFS grain fineness, sieve analysis and its surface area exert a dominant effect on agglomerate formation;
30 mrechter roadside-cold plastic agglomerate P7 / R4 / RW3; approximately 10,662 m longitudinal marker type II produce bar width = 0.
However, particles in the nanometer range are not separate, because the primary particles agglomerate to several micrometers due to van-der-Waals forces.
The Solidquid[TM] solid/liquid delivery system offers options to improve process efficiency and operator safety when dealing with materials that agglomerate.
Nanoparticles have a tendency to agglomerate while being dispensed, resulting in an uneven thickness of the coating layer.
By using a unique Schugi Flexomix agglomerator system Hosokawa Micron were able handle the difficult to agglomerate ingredients and to solve the problem of producing two different end products.
Analysis of dispersion in the 3 to 120 micron agglomerate size range, in conjunction with more traditional physical properties testing such as stress/strain, often provided adequate information to both optimize the mixing cycle and provide useful final properties (ref.
We found that while talc did not alter the agglomeration rate, it led to a detackified agglomerate.
Films blown from a 4% masterbatch letdown are visually inspected for agglomerate size.