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Synonyms for agglomerate

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for agglomerate

volcanic rock consisting of large fragments fused together

Related Words

form into one cluster

clustered together but not coherent

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TEM images of melt mixing and ECMAC-processed nanocomposites show a large difference in nanoscopic dispersion, and also confirm the proposed agglomerate disintegration mechanisms.
The rate of dissolution of the drug from the agglomerates or compacts thereof can be improved and modified by using suitable excipients during the process of preparation of agglomeration.
To agglomerate two nodes, a similarity function is modified from the correlation distance function among the nodes as follows:
The new guidance shows how the combination of size and shape data can be used to securely classify particles as agglomerates, enabling the amount of agglomerated material present in a blend to be quantified.
This work intends to study the chemical and physical modifications of natural cork agglomerate after plasma treatment using dielectric barrier discharge, checking its influence on the adsorption and adhesion of phase change materials (PCM) microcapsules applied in this substrate, and also to verify other potential applications for cork oak substrate.
In all topology images one can see the large agglomerates upthrusted from common background (right scale in nanometers on the left figures).
Batch A consists of small primary particles building up large agglomerates (as seen from the SEM pictures in Figure 1--left side).
Whereas loose agglomerates may break up, hard aggregates or larger primary particles will not.
Hydrodynamic forces are determined by the strength and geometry of the flow field produced by the shear stress, while particle-particle interaction forces and the packing arrangement of individual particles within the agglomerate determine agglomerate cohesivity.
Application: This study shows that clay and stickies can form neutral-buoyancy agglomerates that cannot be removed by centrifugal cleaners.
This article - adapted from a 1999 Casting Congress paper - is aimed at describing the particle and agglomerate size distributions through sieve analysis methods and their relationship to clay and fines in green sand.
Naples, like Los Angeles and Mexico City, has always existed in a state of postmodernity, a stratified agglomerate on the brink of natural catastrophe.
Group III: Inflammation-induced and ibuprofen suspension (20 mg ibuprofen agglomerate in 1% CMC)- administered animals.
Agglomerate density makes reference to the area of the sample, which is occupied by aggregates in relation to the total area of the sample.
(Amorphous PET will agglomerate at 180 to 200 F.) Regrind material recovered from in-house production such as extruder edge trim or thermoformer skeleton scrap must be crystalized before it can be reprocessed.