agentive role

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the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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When subjectivity becomes capable of negotiating with the existing practices, it reaches at the agentive role of subjectivity.
Once slaves gained access to colonial law they argued publicly about rights and claimed an agentive role in courts (Lazarus-Black 1994).
Secondly, by presenting the relation between subject and VP in the English middle as basically one between an agentive role and an active VP, the description becomes that of an active clause and the analysis in fact cancels the notion of a middle voice.
(15) However, Natalia becomes active, not only sexually but also linguistically, as a study of the agentive role in the novel indicates (see Lunn and Albrecht, pp.
The members of these two lexical semantic subclasses share a number of characteristics: they are biargumental predicates; their external argument has an agentive role; their internal argument is somehow involved in a creation process.
Its repetitiousness, allocation of questions, allocation of experiencer and agentive roles, and liberal substitutions, allow the story to portray a power imbalance that appears total, and a struggle whose stakes take on universal proportions.