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Synonyms for agent

Synonyms for agent

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

a person who secretly observes others to obtain information

Synonyms for agent

any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau

the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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Be it through her malevolent, agential fingers or the wafting dangerous air, Mallon's disease infects the corporeal boundaries around her and is thus a threat to be sequestered.
Two, they claim that the conservative ending, which suggests that there was never any need for action, shuts down agential possibilities raised earlier in the novel.
For her, such images are not just examples of Agamben's "bare life," of those "stripped of the rights and privileges associated with political Subjectivity" (86); rather, they show us how "the individual's need to choose between two horrifying options" (87) has become a key figuration of (suffering) agential action.
The theoretical stance has generated that both the children and the cameras are understood to be performative and agential. They are thus seen as both participants in, and initiators of, events in the study.
For all her assertiveness, we don't see this sense of agential control in Sidra.
Predicated on a concern for the ambiguous division between human and nature, Barad challenges dominant understandings of knowledge as a matter of accountability regarding the agential cuts, or boundary enactments in our experiences.
When he states that "the dreams of the colonial subject are dreams of action, dreams of aggressive vitality," Fanon identifies that fundamental to colonialism's pathology is a reliance on inhibiting, even destroying, the mobility and agential capacity of a whole group or groups of people (2004, 15).
Fourth, we consider the agential dimension: the diplomacy that allowed them to successfully navigate the labyrinthine politics of FIFA and, building on this analysis of how power operates in a path-dependent way within global soccer governance, we analyze the ascendancy of two very small states, Qatar and Trinidad and Tobago, something that ultimately presaged the contemporary crisis.
(23) The distinctions between male and female, active and passive, are blurred by a receptivity that is simultaneously command and plea to a feminized yet agential "America." And while "leaves" is of course a pun on the book's title and the physicality of its pages, it is also seminal.
(4) Indeed, such non-human users may even be placed on a par with human users, and regarded as agential because they do not merely transmit Shakespeare but transfigure it, shaping where and how readers, viewers, or users encounter and interact with the texts.
On this view, enkratic rationality is primarily a constitutive requirement on agency: it is a standard internal to agency, that is, a standard that partly spells out what it is to exercise one's agential powers well.
In the process of "circling" around the object of inquiry through writing as a kind of "nomadic" researcher, (9) I have primarily abandoned the humanist subject that had animated some of my initial research framing, the idea, that is, of the agential, sensing, static, autonomous individual that can be known through inquiry (10) Most recently, fueled primarily by my methodological interests surrounding some family letters, I have considered family inheritances as key material, relational sites and the materiality of producing family through work about "them." (11)
In chapter one, Tiffany Barber explores Kenyan-born artist Wangechi Mutu's Non je ne regret rien (2007) in relation to Octavia Butler's (1979) science fiction neo-slave narrative Kindred to ask the question: "What are the agential possibilities for Black female bodies historically represented as quintessentially other, abject, and alien?" (Anderson & Jones, p.
The first-person agential standpoint acknowledges that subjective desires may be described as social facts.