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imperfect development


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In genetic factor tooth agenesis can be either non-syndromic or syndromic and the genes responsible for hypodontia are MSX1, PAX9, WNT10A, AXIN2, TGFA, IRF6, MMP1, MMP20 and FGF311-13.
Gallbladder agenesis (GA), first described by Bergman in 1701, is a rare entity with an incidence of 10-65 per 100,000 populations being more common in females (3:1).1 There are familial forms of GA but most cases are sporadic in origin and often associated with other congenital abnormalities, including those of the bile system characteristic of a defect in an embryonic development.2,3 Patients are usually asymptomatic but approx.
Agenesis of the lower vagina and imperforate hymen may present either in the newborn period as a bulging introitus caused by mucocolpos from vaginal secretions stimulated by maternal estradiol or during adolescence at the time of menarche.
Cyst location and other developmental abnormalities (renal agenesis or anomalies of the external genitalia) help to make the differential diagnosis (4,8).
The clinical features of Peters plus syndrome includes a prominent forehead, narrow palpebral fissures, a long philtrum, cupid's bow upper lips, cleft lip and palate, preauricular ribs, micrognathia, a broad neck, cataracts and glaucoma, short limbs, brachydactyly, clinodactyly, microcephaly, brain atrophy, agenesis of the corpus callosum, and variable developmental delay and intellectual disability.
(10) In our case, we diagnosed ciliary body sectoral agenesis by means of UBM.
(2,3) The callosal deformity may range from complete agenesis to subtle segmental dysgenesis.
To describe the clinical profile of the patients with agenesis of gall bladder.
Agenesis, a condition where there is the absence of the vagina or uterus or both, is usually diagnosed during a missing menarche.
In the ITV soap, viewers watched Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) being told that her daughter had bilateral agenesis - a condition that meant that she would not survive outside the womb.
Ectopic eruption was the most commonly found (46.8%), followed by Agenesis (missing tooth or teeth) 9.0%, canine impaction 4.0% and supernumerary teeth 1.3%.
A wide range of morphological variations of the isthmus, such as hypoplasia, ectopy, hemiagenesis, and agenesis as well as developmental anomalies have been described in the literature.
(1,2) The most common renal anomaly associated with this syndrome is renal agenesis. Other malformations, including multicystic dysplastic kidney and renal duplication, have also been reported.