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Synonyms for agenda

hidden agenda


  • hidden motive
  • secret plan
  • secret intention
  • hidden ploy
  • ulterior motive

Synonyms for agenda

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for agenda

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)

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In this study, the issues presented in the media and political agendas are explored with regard to issue ownership network (Guo & Vargo, 2015).
We collected all tweets shared by these accounts for 15 months between February 2016 and May 2017 through the Twitter Streaming API, and then filtered the data on a spreadsheet to determine the popular issues on the agendas. (3) A total of 2.2 million tweets were sent from the selected accounts within this period, and the daily number of tweets for each hashtag made up the total score for the respective topic.
La importancia de la investigacion radica no solo en mostrar a traves de correlaciones estadisticas la reaccion de los medios cubanos ante la muerte de Castro, sino en arrojar algunas luces sobre la evolucion de los temas eventuales en las agendas mediaticas del pais, constituyendo el primer estudio de este tipo.
Para ello se plantea como problema de investigacion ?Que comportamiento presentaron las agendas politica y mediatica en Santiago de Cuba ante la muerte del ex presidente cubano Fidel Castro?
The studies conducted by researcher Iyengar and Kinder (1987) in which agenda of issues of US defence or environmental pollution were studied.
Further research on media agenda and public agenda established that issues could be arranged along a continuum oscillating from obtrusive to unobtrusive.
"Is this an agenda of development, or is this a communal agenda?
Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura raised a concern that so far there is no blueprint on Uhuru's big four agendas.
Treasury officials told the senators that consultations are ongoing between the national government and the counties through the Intergovernmental Budget Council (IBEC) on how Uhuru's key agendas will be implemented.
While other time-tested and effective tools include fact-finders, surveys/audits, and sales proposals, learning the proper use of an agenda is the one essential process that satisfies all interested parties: producers, CSRs, agency management, E&O attorneys, and most of all, the customer.
Con estos datos se conformo una agenda mediatica completa en la que se cruzaron los resultados del analisis de contenido realizado a las agendas de los medios por separado.
The PTI's massive provincial agenda covers replication of KP Police Act 2017 and LG system, Green Growth Agenda, labour policy, creation of 10 million jobs and 5 million housing units through private sector, FATA's integration, transformation plan for Karachi, poverty alleviation efforts in poor districts, conversion of government guest houses, tourism, agriculture policy, water conservation, livestock, health and education blueprints, expansion of BISP and Sehat Insaf card, women's development plan, criminal justice reform and clean drinking water.