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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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Also, officials said further, in South Waziristan tribal agency security
In yet another incident at Khyber Agency security forces after stiff resistance have arrested three militants and a security official was also injured in cross fire.
Issuance of the new card has the potential of reducing the number of agency security badges, Dixon said, because federal agencies will refer to a standardized credentialing system.
Specifically, the rule requires contracting officers to seek advice from information security specialists when buying goods and services, requires the incorporation of security requirements in acquisition planning and when describing agency needs, requires adherence to the Federal Information Processing Standards, and requires including the appropriate agency security policy and requirements in information technology acquisitions.
The Federal Government released its annual scorecard of agency security performance and, like last year, most agencies did poorly, getting Ds and Fs.
NNA - 2/10/2012- A new born baby was found in a basket today (Tuesday) morning at the entrance of "Mary and Martha" Society in Ajaltoun , News Agency security correspondent, Elias Shahine, reported.
NNA - 12/7/2012 - Armed masked robbers broke at about 10:00am into Phoenicia bank, known previously as Kuwait bank, in Ashrafieh next to Saseen square and stole $50,000 and LL 50 million after threatening the employees by two pistols, National News Agency security correspondent, Elais Chahine, reported.
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