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lasting through all time

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Its agelong record of consistent simony is appalling.
Eliot: "When we wake" (some were thinking) "the day breaks us with its hard mallet blows." "The office" (some were thinking) "compels disparity." [...] So we answer to the infernal, agelong and eternal order issued from on high.
The old opposition between cinema as art and as industry, what Peter Besas in Kinder's Refiguring ring Spain has termed "the agelong and perhaps a trifle puerile controversy about whether film should be 'art' or 'commerce'" (247), that once also marked the distance between the majority of academic-oriented cinema analyses and the economic/statistical concerns of empiricist historians and professional film publications no longer applies.
In both cases the bishop has had the relics or bodies of his predecessors translated from agelong obscurity to a crypt where they could then be seen and venerated by the congregation and by pilgrims.
In 1854, after a decade of literary exchange (and one private debate with the ulema in his own bungalow), one of the leading Muslim respondents, Rahmat Ali (1818-91), invited Pfander to join him in a public debate, or munazara, of which there was an agelong Muslim tradition.
He further said that even the farmers and herders' fracas is politicised and recalled that the misunderstandings between the two groups are agelong issue which has the traditional ways of resolving them.
This agelong paradox colors the translator (-biographer)'s task, the setting of pain-ridden intensity to rich music.
'Those changing CFA to naira are there because we have a lot of our people in Ivory Coast as a result of the agelong relationship and regular interaction that we have with Ivory Coast.
In spite of all the drowning voices and agelong suppression, the activities of political parties in 2018 revealed that women were already learning to speak.
AS preparation for this year Olojo festival in the historical city of Ile-Ife gather momentum, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi has commenced 7-day seclusion inside Iledi House, located at Iremo quarters to perform traditional rites before the grand finale of the agelong festival
He noted that pilgrimage to Israel reminds Christians that 'we are sojourners in the world, adding that pilgrimage is a fulfilment of agelong Biblical prophesy and advised the pilgrims to be disciplined, careful, show contentment and avoid all acts of abscondment while in the Holy Land.