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discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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One in five 25-34 year olds claimed to have seen ageist behaviour in their workplace over the last six months compared to just six per cent of 55-64 year olds.
The 67-year-old TV star said attempts by the media to brand the BBC as ageist did not apply in her instance and that it was simply a change in policy that saw the popular show ending after nine years.
"From now on, employers will need to prove job candidates are being recruited on their ability and experience alone and will have to banish ageist banter from the office and canteen."
She added: "The business is very ageist towards women - much more than it is to men."
Age Concern have quoted me pounds 1,200 (surely they aren't ageist!) - actually they were very nice.
However, we can only be successful if communities as a whole work with us to root out ageist practices in their entirety.
Now former X Factor finalist Niki Evans has weighed in to the debate branding the popular ITV series "ageist".
There is some weird ageist quality in Hollywood, perhaps that's why I lean more toward directing and development.
Where previously employers have held ageist concerns about these workers, such as them not having relevant computer skills, they are now finding that these worries are no longer a problem."
Age Concern said: "Ageist language is a real problem.
A survey of 1,000 adults by the Employers Forum on Age discovered one in five believed age had stood in the way of them getting a job, while more than one in 10 said they had witnessed ageist behaviour in the workplace since the regulations came into force.
Reporter Andy Davies examines how new laws will soon change the way we work, from removing dates of birth from job applications to banning unacceptable ageist banter in the office.
Age Positive, a Department for Work & Pensions' campaign to end age discrimination in employment, has launched the Age Positive Awards 2006 to recognise bosses and staff who are positive about age and challenge ageist attitudes and stereotypes.
Don't be ageist in the workplace - that's the message from Welsh entertainer Frank Hennessy.The Cardiff singer is urging employers to end age discrimination by becoming the latest celebrity to add his voice to the Age Positive government campaign.
You must be under 40 - that's ageist and it is essential that you are good looking.