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discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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This is why we're calling for action from the governments in Cardiff Bay and Westminster to tackle ageism and its causes.
And ageism can have some nasty intersections with ableism.
Miriam's legal battle with her former employer made headlines after she lifted the lid on ageism and victimisation at the beeb.
The 55-year-old, who successfully sued the broadcaster for ageism last year, has written a furious 1,800-word tirade to the BBC's head of complaints.
You used to confront ageism in your 50s, then it was in your 40s, now anyone over the age of 35 suffers the stigma of being 'too old'," she added.
Two outstanding books on ageism published in the 1980s, Look Me in the Eye (1984), by Barbara MacDonald and Cynthia Rich, and Over the Hill (1988), by Baba Copper, opened doors that few feminist walked through.
This week an employment tribunal agreed with her and found the Beeb guilty of ageism.
SELINA Scott is returning to the BBC next week - six months after accusing the corporation of ageism.
Ageism is one of the main barriers older people face when looking for a job, with latest figures showing that two in five unemployed over 50-year-olds have been jobless for more than a year.
An ageism outcry followed the axing of Arlene, who had appeared on six series of the show.
With the number of unemployed in the UK nudging two million, Dispatches reveals the ageism rife among employers and even recruitment agencies.
This is now an historic opportunity to get ageism outlawed.
That kind of talk hurts, as demonstrated by Kim Cattrall crying about ageism in her speech at the Golden Globes.
But despite firms' good intentions, ageism is still rife in workplaces across the country, more than six months after new regulations were introduced to outlaw age discrimination, it is claimed.
Many issues are examined, such as self-esteem, ageism, and media ideals.