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discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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Ageism is out there and I fight it every day in my own way," Stuff.
Presenter Selina Scott also criticised the BBC for age discrimination, last year challenging its governing body, the BBC Trust, to address "blatant and sometimes malign sexism and ageism against women".
Michelle Mitchell charity director for Age Concern and Help the Aged, said: "This is another shocking example of ageism in the NHS, resulting in older people being denied the care and treatment they need because they are deemed 'too old'.
Sam Mercer, director of forum, said: "Six months on, it is disappointing to find that so many people are still falling victim to ageism at work.
While ageism is rife in public services, the new employment directive will not cover goods and services supplied by the public sector.
Companies may need to revisit their application processes in addition to their policies on bullying and harassment to cover age grounds and ensure that all employees are made aware of the updates and offer training where appropriate, eg for HR personnel on handling complaints about ageism.
Dr Diane Grant, leading JMU's research on ageism and gender discrimination, said: "This funding couldn't have come at a better time.
Ageism was considered more socially acceptable than other prejudices.
The irony is that by focusing on a relatively young 32-year-old who has been blackballed, not because she is too old to get hired but because she got caught fibbing to a lot of people who don't like to be embarrassed, ``60 Minutes'' was, itself, guilty of ageism.
It is so sad Channel 4 have gone down the well-worn path of ageism," said ageing Mac, looking well worn.
The proposals come after several high-profile cases in which female broadcasters and actresses have accused television companies of ageism.
Ms O'Reilly claimed she was victimised because she was suspected of being the source of negative media reports about alleged ageism within the BBC.
Sam Mercer, the forum director, said: "It is disappointing to find so many people are still falling victim to ageism at work.
In business, as in athletics, ageism is self-defeating.