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Synonyms for agedness

Synonyms for agedness

the property characteristic of old age


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Agedness and lower educational level were factors associated with increased duration and severity of pain ( P < 0.05).
New questions, new concepts, and accordingly, new explanations and interpretations of the agedness are possible.
the agedness in the midst of active life which binds the old and the new into harmony" (Stained Glass 21-22).
Negotiating aging and agedness in volunteer disaster response teams.
Among the social processes of medicalization the most frequent ones were medicalization of death (36), of agedness (37), of birth (as a process of expulsion of the fetus).
While it was becoming increasingly obvious that the Louisiana Civil Code articles on sales were insufficient to meet the needs of Louisiana citizens, legislative innovations in the area of sales, both in the United States and abroad made the agedness [sic] of the (Louisiana) sale articles ...