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Synonyms for age-old

Synonyms for age-old

belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

Synonyms for age-old

belonging to or lasting from times long ago


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Will Nisha compromise her value or will she fight the age-old tradition?
RSS leader Ram Madhav said the photograph proved the point that Congress Party has an age-old habit of changing platforms for the sake of electoral dividends.
Las Posadas, an age-old re-enactment of Mary and Joseph's search for shelter and a place for the birth of the baby Jesus, is celebrated in Mexican-American communities.
Elsewhere, Reagon showcases some rumbling migration blues ("Building Blues"), in which Fred Cash's mercurial bass line haunts while Stephanie McKay harmonizes with Reagon in a cascade of age-old wails.
When asked the age-old question of "Will there ever be a paperless office?
Are the age-old neighborhood vendettas being reactivated or is it just coincidence that certain types are being tagged by the studio for exposure?
Among some groups in Madagascar, textiles woven by hand and simple, age-old, tools are central in relations between the living and deceased ancestors with the changing of decayed burial shrouds for new ones.
The age-old link between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is nearly severed as a result of Israeli policies including settlements, a host of physical barriers, and roads restricted to Israelis," says the text, in reference to the Israeli restrictions imposed after the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising four years ago.
By any measure our findings have underscored the age-old Wall Street adage: 'Earnings are opinion, cash is fact,'" Neil Baron, co-founder and chairman of Criterion Research, said in a statement.
There could finally be an answer to the age-old chant of "Who ate all the pies?
Whether or not intended, however, Gibson's film does resurrect the age-old image of the Jew as Christ killer--a charge presumably put to rest by the Second Vatican Council in 1965.
This is an age-old challenge for the marketing profession and a premise for both the new magazine and Website.
Some colleges are experimenting with computer matchmaking for the age-old ritual of locating a dorm mate.
These are Cornwall's china clay pits, an age-old industry that
James the Marxist in dialogue with James the Pan-Africanist, representing the actions of Toussaint L'Overture and others in words and actions, subtly but evidently places a diasporic sensibility of transported Africans against the mere Europeanization of the age-old rebellious impulse.