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Synonyms for age-old

Synonyms for age-old

belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

Synonyms for age-old

belonging to or lasting from times long ago


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The various actions set under this programme will contribute to strengthening tourist tours at the old medina, improving the built area, enhancing socio-economic development of the city and preserving the authentic character of this age-old city.
In similar remarks last week, Qorbanov stressed his country's age-old and good relations with Iran, and asked for continued cooperation between the two states.
Ram Madhav said that the recent 'exposure' through the photograph is the reaffirmation of the age-old communal politics that Congress has been indulging in right from the beginning.
Foster's use their head over fizz FOSTER'S have solved an age-old gripe of pub goers - the flat pint.
AS corporate America deals with the dynamics of a changing economic landscape, an age-old truism still exists: Following human resources, real estate represents a company's largest investment.
As worries over lawsuits and injuries to students loom over districts, the age-old game of tag is being banned, or at the very least discouraged, in various districts across the U.
Circle dances, an age-old movement form that includes repetitive steps and hand-holding, are often used as a part of a social celebration or ceremony.
Also on the bright side I saw entrepreneurial owners and operators moving to take advantage of the new long-term care trends, master the various creatures lurking about, and create new and flourishing businesses in the age-old profession of caring.
The Enchanted Lake: Classic Irish Fairy Stories by Sinead de Valera is a fun and engaging anthology of age-old Irish folktales and fairy legends.
Not only does the product itself represent a revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of controlling menacing flies but its introductory ad campaign was created by an organization that defies the traditional definition of "agency.
This age-old story of good versus evil is wonderfully full of complex characters and Sachs's outstanding performance helps make this fantasy delightful for all ages.
The Stranger Behind The Copernican Revolution by literary historian Ulrich Mache is an inspirational account of the history of the great astronomer Copernican who was the first to discover that it was actually the Earth which revolved around the sun as opposed to the age-old belief that the sun circled the Earth.
Las Posadas, an age-old re-enactment of Mary and Joseph's search for shelter and a place for the birth of the baby Jesus, is celebrated in Mexican-American communities.
Elsewhere, Reagon showcases some rumbling migration blues ("Building Blues"), in which Fred Cash's mercurial bass line haunts while Stephanie McKay harmonizes with Reagon in a cascade of age-old wails.
When asked the age-old question of "Will there ever be a paperless office?