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the minimum age for marrying without parental consent or the minimum age for consensual sexual relations

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This resonates with the views of secondary school heads who last week said the age of consent should be raised to 20 instead of lowering it to 16 from 18 as suggested by people.
class="MsoNormalThe Nation seems to prefer publishing "Letters to the Editor" that support the retention of the age of consent at 18.Contrary opinion is not published.
It was in Colorado, age of consent in Colorado is 17.
Binay said that increasing the age of consent can prevent more cases of violence against children.
The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that the age of consent for using online services should not be lower than 13.
"Children's individual rights must be valued, and raising the age of consent to 16 will potentially undermine child protection measures and result in some services potentially being withdrawn.
Mahalapye West MP, Mr Joseph Molefe said raising the age of consent to sex would help to reduce occurrences of child marriages, while Nkange MP, Mr Edwin Batshu welcomed the raising of age of consent to sex saying it would help to reduce teenage pregnancies, particularly among students.
In German and Italian cities the norm was 12 and in 1971 French Revolutionary Statutes called the Napoleonic Code said the age of consent at 11.
JUDGE Sean Morris has sounded a warning to "frivolous photograph takers" of the dangers of taking sexual pictures of under-18s, even if they are over the age of consent.
This wide-ranging discussion explores the contradicting cultural and legal concepts surrounding the idea of the age of consent for sex, with special focus on how consent is related to the juridical and social construction of the child, the sex offender, and the homosexual.
The court also heard Johnson googled the legal age of consent four days after his alleged encounter with the girl.
Byline: Dear Coleen but I'm assuming you're at least 16 and past the legal age of consent and hope you're that you have a boyfriend and are sleeping with him, maybe now's the time to tell your them reacting badly.
Benjamin Howells appeared before a professional conduct committee at Cardiff's Future Inn accused of having sexual relations with a young person under the age of consent and misconduct.
And that brought her into close contact with the infamous PIE - the child sex group which campaigned to have the age of consent lowered or scrapped.