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a group of people having approximately the same age

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In this study, the IPLs of waves III-V value are highest 25-34 years age groups and [greater than or equal to]45 years age groups in males and females, respectively.
During spawning period, the fecundity of female chub was determined according to their age groups (Table IV).
There was no difference between young and old age groups for hospital stay (8.
Darcey Moriarty (9 years age group) produced an excellent 200 IM and narrowly missed out on taking the top girl spot for her age group.
Finishing times for males aged 20-69 years and females aged between 20-64 years in 1-year intervals were downloaded from each database and combined to produce a final dataset comprising twenty finishing times (10 for Chicago and 10 for New York) for each of 50 (males) and 45 (females) 1-year age groups which led to 10 (males) and 9 (females) five-year age groups.
DISABLED people are less likely to have used the internet than non-disabled people in every age group, according to a new report from the Office for National Statistics.
But the research from Barclays also discovered catering for this age group is an untapped opportunity for businesses within the industry.
Among 50 hypothyroid patients in the study group 40% were in the age group of 25-34 years.
Regarding egg mass first age group showed significantly higher egg mass followed by second and third age groups (Table 1) which might be due to higher egg production of first age group in the same experiment.
Overall 16 records were broken during the 2day competition, Mohammad Saad Amin leaded the recording breaking spree with five records in under 16 and open age group combined.
The value of BMI was calculated, and summarized into age groups in order to assess BMI-based nutritional status and recommended cut off points of the Fulani ethnic population.
A total of 160 teams will take part in the ve age groups from Under 9 upwards - the largest number in the league's history.
Of those caught, 264 were Omanis and 245 non-Omanis, including men and women of various age groups.
The sample involved in this study was divided into 4 groups depending on age to be expressive about dental caries status in different age groups in adolescence.
A total of 240 participants representing children adolescents adults and older people with an equal distribution of age groups and gender constituted the sample.