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a group of people having approximately the same age

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In females, relatively younger athletes outperformed relatively older athletes in the following age groups: 4044 yrs (7.3 minutes), 45-49 yrs (8.1 minutes), 50-54 yrs (12.1 minutes), 55-59 yrs (16.9 minutes), and 60-64 yrs (25 minutes) (Figure 4).
But the research from Barclays also discovered catering for this age group is an untapped opportunity for businesses within the industry.
As with men, suicide is the leading cause of death among women aged between 20 and 34, accounting for 12% of all deaths registered in this age group in 2013.
Regarding internal egg quality parameters Haugh unit score was significantly higher in first age group than that of second and third age groups whereas yolk index and shell thickness showed non-significant differences among all age groups (Table 1).
Table 2 shows the mean blood pressures of the population with respect to their age groups. The highest mean systolic blood pressure was recorded among the age groups 26-35 yrs and under sixteen (<16) yrs age groups as 118.55 mm Hg [+ or -] 20.64 and 111.00 mm Hg [+ or -] 12.45 respectively.
e following ursday, April 10, the Under 15 and Under 17 age groups meet at Meltham CC with an 8pm start.
Table 3 shows the mean DMFT for the sample which was 5.39 (SD 2.85525) while the mean DMFT for different age groups (12-15) was 5.52 (SD 2.766), 5.58 (SD 2.745), 5.23 (SD 3.304), and 5.23 (SD 2.606), respectively.
While there is a considerable gap between Doha and Rayyan in the number of residents in most other groups, in the elder male age groups like 70-74 and 75-plus, the difference in the numbers is relatively thin.
In 1987 researchers found older age groups more restricted in independence (Luker & Perkins, 1987).
The data was entered in SPSS version 11 and the cases were evaluated for age of the patient, gender, age groups and year of diagnosis.
CARGO Fleet Juniors are looking to strengthen squads for next season in the following age groups: Under-9, Under-10, Under-11, Under-12, Under-16 and Under-18.
Among all age groups, there were 43,548 hospital admissions in 2006/07 for alcoholic liver disease while another 27,040 cases related to the toxic effects of alcohol.
Colin Davies (Junior One) and Andrew Davies (Junior One) won their respective age groups and Rob Hales (Master) won his age group on both days.
Bruce Bown and Phillipe El Khoury proved their talent throughout the MUSS programme by scoring the highest total number of points within all age groups during the unique series of skills challenges.
15, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- From 2000 to 2016, there was a shift of the obesity-associated cancer (OAC) burden to younger age groups, according to a study published online Aug.