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a group of people having approximately the same age

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Age group of 9 to 13 year was consuming the least amount of both fruits and vegetables.
Avani also finished 4th in the 50m freestyle and in the 16yrs+ age group Aimee Ramm placed 2nd, Lucy Sharp - 3rd and Mia Larke - 7th.
In our study, the IPLs of waves I-V value are highest 1-14 years age groups and [greater than or equal to]45 years age groups in males and females, respectively.
The sexual maturity age of males and females was determined to be II age group and first sexual maturity.
The mean finishing times for the two youngest ages and the two oldest ages in each 5-year age group were calculated and extracted for further analyses.
Internet usage by women continues to be lower than men, particularly in older age groups.
On an average, a majority of the respondents (64 per cent) fall within the 26-40 year age group, 26 per cent are from the 41 to 55 age category and six per cent from the 18-25 years age group, shows the survey by UAE's leading Shariah-compliant savings and Investments Company.
But the research from Barclays also discovered catering for this age group is an untapped opportunity for businesses within the industry.
AIM OF THE STUDY: To study the effect of hypothyroidism on the menstrual cycle of women who are in the reproductive age group.
For this purpose a total of 42 birds 14 birds in each of the following age group (30 70 and 110 week) were kept up to four months.
The highest age-specific suicide rate for males in 2012 was observed in the 85+ age group (37.
Attendance is essential for all clubs who have at least one team in each relevant age group.
Age group Eight males and 12 females who were arrested were aged below 12 years and 33 males and five females were aged between 12 and 18 years.
In addition this particular age group of people from 12 to 15 year old has the longer outdoors stay at this age leading to greater consumption of inbetween meals snacks, cariogenic diet, and consequently to be considered at high risk in terms of dental caries.