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people in the same age range

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A posteriori, to test age related trends in number of stems and flowering stems between roadsides and grasslands, we created age classes containing a relatively even frequency of individuals (5-11 y old, 12-14 y old, and 15 and above y old) and applied a t-test using each age class separated by site type (roadside or grassland).
High grading occurs when bucks with fewer than 4 points are protected and bucks with 5 points or more in the same age class are removed from the population.
Duncan Birtwistle (M21), Alistair Landels (M50), David Lawson (M55), Peter Carey (M75), Trevor Simpson (M80), Nadine Wright (W21), Anne Straube (W40), Juliette Soulard (W45), Lesley Ross (W50), Jill Emmerson (W55) and Hilary Simpson (W80) were also crowned Midland champions in their respective age classes. The Wrekin was extremely challenging as usual.
The highest difference between both data sources is in the first age class (1-20 years old).
Instead one finds, as time t [right arrow][infinity], that a cyclic state is attained where the whole population is in just one single age class at each time step.
Age class data were tested for randomness using a Goodness of Fit test comparing the distribution of specimen age classes to a Gaussian distribution generated using Excel (Microsoft 2013) based on the collected data.
An age class called "+Et" was defined to include specimens whose [] could not be estimated, and it is assumed that male or female snails included in this particular group had an age greater than the estimated maximum age determined with Eq.
Additionally, there were no differences (P > 0.05) in the proportion of harvested bulls within each age class between 1980-1987 and 2005-2009, and the relatively stable proportion of mature bulls (>5 years old) in the harvest across time periods (30-44%) does not suggest selective harvest of older, trophy bulls.
Once I established familial relationships between raccoons, I used Kruskal-Wallis tests (Zar, 1999; Conover, 1999) in SAS 8.2 (SAS Institute, Incorporated, Cary, North Carolina) to find if the mean geographic separation between sibs of dyads captured in a specific time period or age class differed significantly from the mean separation in sib dyads captured in each other time period or age class.
However, the biomass of the population derived from mixed age class stocking were slightly lower than the population derived from young-of-year fish.