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a group of people having approximately the same age

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According to the report, boys in the age brackets of six to ten and 11 to 15 years were more vulnerable to child sexual abuse as compared to their female counterparts.
While the age bracket is higher in the region for those who trade crypto, the data is indicative of the fact that more and more people are starting to understand and be interested in the crypto scene in the Arab world."
The competition in age bracket under 11 years was engaging and all three position holders gave a good account of their abilities.
To give fairness to the combat, the girls in the age group 11 to 14 years will be fighting it out against each other, the second category is the age group 8 to 10 years and competing in the youngest category will be in age bracket below 7 years.
At present, we are rated as the #2 Asian channel among female viewers in the 25-44 age bracket, according to IPSOS.
The breakup of users in the age bracket of 13-17 stood at 4 million users with females comprising 3 percent and male's 9 percent.
A data analysis of samples tested of individuals in the age group of 21 to 65 years from October 2017 to March 2018 showed insufficient Vitamin D presence, with the age bracket of 21-35 years having maximum insufficiency of Vitamin D.
The children were in the age bracket of five to fifteen years.
"The whole recruitment this year has been about identifying this age bracket, we want these players to come here, do well and be here for the next two or three years."
In October, 63% of suicides or suicide attempts were observed among the 26 to 35 age bracket, whereas in September the highest rate (49%) was recorded among the 36 to 45 age bracket, followed by the 26 to 35 bracket which registered 34% of cases.
The survey shows that most Saudi workforce is in the 20-39 age bracket, about 65 percent, of which 36 percent hold bachelor degrees or their equivalent.
People in this age bracket receive an NHS bowel cancer screening kit routinely through the post, every two years.
Women between the ages of 45-54 are more likely than any other female age bracket to be members of the mile high club, while men between ages 35-44 are more likely than any other male age bracket.
Gold winners in senior age bracket include Farzan Ashourzadeh, Mehdi Khodabakhshi and Ahmad Mohammadi while silver medalist in the same category is Aboulfazl Yaqoubi.